Rihanna debuts in Forbes as the richest woman in the music industry

Rihanna has sneaked into the annual list published by the magazine Forbes after having exceeded last year the billion dollars of assets. The Barbados-born singer, who has managed to achieve success as a businesswoman as well, has become the richest music artist in the world thanks to her brands Fenty Beauty and Fenty X Savage. Rihanna launched her own makeup and cosmetics line in 2017 and five years later she can say that she is one of the most profitable companies in the world.

The 1,560 million euros it owns have catapulted it to 1,729th place on the prestigious list, slightly behind Kanye West but ahead of rapper Jay-Z. An achievement for which there has been a lot of work behind and for which he left the music industry. He wanted to find balance in his life and dedicated all his efforts to the firms that he had launched years before. And his decision was a complete success.

The secret to Fenty Beauty’s strong numbers lies in the diversity and inclusion that it has worked so hard to foster. And it is that Rihanna put on the market a line of makeup bases with up to 50 different shades, a milestone in the industry. Besides, in their advertising campaigns you can see all kinds of womenand not only those that supposedly fall within the controversial current canon.

He used the same idea for Savage x Fenty, his lingerie firm launched in 2018 and which also encourages its garments to be used by all women, regardless of their size or body type. A) Yes, It has a wide range of sizes and models of all kinds for any woman to find the perfect garment for her, a method that is undoubtedly generating great benefits.

Success professionally and personally

Rihanna lives a really good time with success at a professional level with her debut in Forbes but also on a personal level, as she puts the final part of her pregnancy on track. The one from Barbados will soon become the mother of her first child with her boyfriend ASAP Rockybut while the gestation lasts, she has made many headlines thanks to her spectacular looks, such as the last one with which she appeared at the Oscars party.

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Rihanna debuts in Forbes as the richest woman in the music industry