Ricardo Arjona: The comments generated by the meeting of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter with a ticket seller

the singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona sang in Guatemala during two concerts that he gave in Explanada Cayalá on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November.

The presentations were part of his tour black and whitethe tour that officially began last Thursday, February 3 in Spain and with which he has toured several countries in Europe and America.

recently his label Metamorphosis notified that Black and White Tour has reached more than a million and a half people, that it has a firm step and that the tour has been considered one of the 20 most powerful in the world along with Coldplay and other music celebrities.

During the concerts, on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13, arjona the concert began with the songs Sand i was, Die for live Y She. In his opening speech, the singer stated: “From wherever I am, the road always leads me to Guatemala”.

The show had various surprises for the fans, such as when Arjona descended from the stage and moved to another and performed the theme My country. He also sang with jonathan yudkinthe violinist who accompanies him on his tour, Because I can and at another time he showed the talent of his son Nicholas, who played drums on the song I love you.

A sum of surprises accompanied both concerts, but the astonishment that his admirers generated was the video that the Guatemalan singer-songwriter uploaded to his social networks on the afternoon of Sunday, November 13, before his concert and in which he showed the coexistence with a ticket seller.

In the clip, Arjona is seen approaching, in his car, a ticket seller on the outskirts of Cayalá.

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The singer asks for the price of the tickets, for the best location. After listening to this, and answering that there are different prices, the singer asks him “But will it be worth it??”. At the moment of listening to it, the seller realizes that he is the singer and smilingly tells him “Nice to meet you“.

The video went viral and shocked the artist’s admirers. In addition, it generated several reactions to the singer’s action.

The comments generated by Arjona’s meeting with a ticket seller

In their publication, the followers did not hesitate to react to the event, for which several of them indicated:

“Next job… Ticket reseller for my RA 😍oh my God!!!🤍🖤” commented @lau113

Multiple comments expressed the joy of the young seller, for which they stated that at the next concert they would be selling tickets to have the same luck.

“😂😂😂😂 I think for your next visit I’ll be a ticket reseller ☺️☺️☺️ so I have a chance to meet you in person. I💓U” added @mildredbardales

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As well as the messages of “what envy” flooded his comment tray.

“Oh but by God! There I die, very dead, thanks to you @Ricardo Arjona I know envy!! 😢 “said @odalis_mendoza

The video generated various reactions of surprise, jealousy, emotion, anger, joy, among others. According to the comments of the fans, people around the world expressed their admiration for the singer for his simplicity and humility.

“First of all his humility and simplicity and that makes him great 😍😍👏👏👏” commented @leesgean.

On Twitter @mel_mms expressed how the video published by the singer made him feel, stating “Today I smiled only because of the video of the Arjona ticket reseller,” he said.

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Ricardo Arjona: The comments generated by the meeting of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter with a ticket seller