Ricardo Arjona sings in the New York subway and nobody recognizes him

The Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona, who enjoys great popularity in USA, wanted to surprise users of the New York subway, but he was surprised, since failed to get people’s attention who went through one of the public transport stations, while he performed some of his songs.

“I would be lying to say that I did well singing in the New York subway,” he wrote. Arjona on her Instagram account, where he shared a couple of videos, which proves what was said.

It was a few days ago that the interpreter of “The Problem”, decided to share his songs with users of the New York subway, so without hesitation he settled in one of the stations to provide a surprise serenade.

No one recognized Arjona in the New York Subway

But the real “problem” for Arjona, 57, is that no person recognized him.

And, despite being one of the most popular Latin American singer-songwriters in the United States, it was not enough to attract the attention of users of the New York subway.

His only companions in that seranta surprise were a chair and his inseparable guitar, according to the black and white images shared by the interpreter of “Lady of the Four Decades.

In the videos that Arjona shared, he is seen dressed in dark clothes, tennis shoes of the same tone, as well as a hat and sunglasses. He is very focused on his performances, but that was not enough to attract the attention of users, despite putting all his feeling into his performances.

Arjona stood in a corner of the station to share her performances, without success.

A woman mistakes him for an “imitator” of Arjona

“The best thing that happened to me was a Mexican lady who told me that I was Arjona’s impersonator but that I was too tall, that the real Arjona was very short. #NEGRO back on the street again,” Arjona wrote along with the videos .

Despite the passing of people, none recognized him and even less stopped to applaud him, which has surprised the Guatemalan interpreter, who did not specify in which station he sang.

However, in his Instagram account, the interpreter of “I know you” received support from his fans, who assure that they would have recognized him immediately.

Arjona fans support him on Instagram

“How you only one father. I would recognize you among a million Arjonas. That lady lost half her life”, were some of the comments that Arjona received.

The videos have more than 190,000 likes.


Article: Soure