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The tour black and white of Ricardo Arjona will arrive at Ecuador this weekend. The Guatemalan singer-songwriter will sing first in Quito this Friday, September 30 and then it will do the same in Guayaquil, on Saturday, October 1.

Arjona’s concert in Quito will take place at the stadium Olympic Atahualpa (December 6th Avenue and United Nations, El Batán sector, north of Quito), while the artist’s presentation in Guayaquil will take place in the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium (Avenue of the Americas).

Ricardo Arjona will take his ‘Black and White’ tour to Guayaquil and Quito

According to a social media post from Feel The Tickets, company in charge of selling tickets for the show, attendees will only be able to access the shows by presenting their physical tickets. That is, they must redeem their virtual tickets. The company has also said that those interested must complete this process until Thursday, September 29.

How to redeem tickets for the Ricardo Arjona concert?

If you have not yet exchanged your virtual tickets for physical ones, you will need to do so until Thursday, September 29 at the assigned points in Guayaquil and Quito, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m..

In Guayaquil, you can do it at the local Etafashion located at Av. 9 de octubre and Chile. You can also make the change at the ticket office Alberto Spencer Model Stadiumwhere you can still buy tickets.

In Quito, you can go to the Feel The Tickets point at the ITC (Iñaquito Shopping Center), located in basement 1, in front of Comandato. Likewise, you can do so at the south ticket office of the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. At both points, you can still purchase tickets.

To make the exchange effective, you must bring to these points the digital ticket (not printed); identity card Y a letter of authorization signed and copy of identity card, in the case of withdrawal of tickets by a third party.

Feel The Tickets reminds that this process will not be completed on the day of the show.

Ricardo Arjona tells his full story in his book ‘Black and White’

There are still tickets for black and white

The last tickets available for the Ricardo Arjona concert can be obtained at the points indicated for exchange (except at Etafashion, Guayaquil), as well as at the Feel The Tickets website.

In Guayaquil there are still tickets for the Blanco and Negro Box locations ($255); Fanzone Women ($80); Grandstand ($65); and Preference ($35).

In Quito the seats available are Black and White Box, I Know You Platinum ($200); Tell me no Golden ($150); Women Fanzone; Box ($100); Grandstand ($70); Preference ($45); and General ($30). (AND)

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Ricardo Arjona concert in Ecuador: you can only access with physical tickets, learn how to redeem your virtual ticket | Music | Entertainment