Reik on the possibility of singing with Mar Rendón at her concerts in Ecuador: “It will be a pleasure for us to share the stage with her” | Music | Entertainment

About thirteen years ago the group Reik It dyed November with melancholy, but since 2022 the penultimate month of the year is dressed in illusion for the fans of Mexican artists in Ecuador. Jesus Navarro, Julio Ramirez, and Bibi Marin. They are back in a country that says it supported them from the first minute. They will bring their tour Instead to three cities in Ecuador: Guayaquil, Cuenca and Quito.

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In a Zoom with EL UNIVERSO, the guitarist Bibi Marin talks about the special thing about this tour, which will be opened by the singer Mar Rendon. And also of his gastronomic tastes. “I remember that once Julio tried the guinea pig and we are waiting to go and taste a delicious dish over there”mentions.

‘November with Ecuador’ What is special about this month for you?

Of course it is representative of one of the most important songs of our career (November without you) and fortunately we are back with you, that makes it even more important for us. Ecuador has been one of the countries that has welcomed us from minute one and then to come back and do shows in three cities is obviously a pleasure for us.

Ecuador has always received you with love…

Of course, we always get that feeling that the affection that exists and the complicity that exists between the entire Ecuadorian public and us has always been reciprocated in the same way, and I insist, that part since our career began. We have been together for many years now, so it will always be a pleasure to return with you.

Julio Ramírez, Jesús Navarro and Bibi Marín de Reik. Photo: Courtesy

What will be that magical component in this tour of Ecuador?

It is a tour of all our successes, a tour of these shows Fortunately, we already have a good track record, which has taken us to many countries throughout Latin America and the United States. So we are going to take them a very mature tour, already very well prepared, very rehearsed. No one can miss these presentations.

Mar Rendón will open her concert, her fans in the country are asking for a collaboration with Reik. Is there any chance of that coming to life on stage?

Let’s leave it as a surprise, we do understand that Mar has quite a big fan in Ecuador. And for us it will be a pleasure to share the stage with her, we have heard a lot about what happened here (Mexico) in The academy. Apart from that, we share many things because we are also from the same record label… so many things can happen, we are going to leave it as an unknown quantity.

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What does the name of the ‘En cambio’ tour allude to?

I think it reflects very well what our whole path has been and we do want to give that differentiator to past tours. ‘Instead’ is precisely this evolution that we have had during all this time, we have always tried to be at the forefront, in every way. That is what this new tour reflects, change, the constant search for new alternatives, new sounds, new music.

And precisely in this constant search they have made a series of collaborations with other artists, the most recent being with Rusherking with ‘A mi lado’. What does this musical brotherhood mean?

Collaborating with an artist always fills you with new ideas, new concepts, and obviously with those great figures it’s a pleasure for us.

This new single that we are putting out is with an Argentine artist Rusherking, who is breaking it enormously. So, that freshness that he gave to the subject for us is vital and it is what has kept us in the taste of all the people.

Reik has sustained itself over time. What does it mean to remain friends, brothers and a musical family?

For us, it is always very important to be able to deliver both quality music and shows to the public, and well, this show reflects a lot that part that you say. For us it is always important to stay current, always present new proposals, in which we want to keep our current audience, as well as new generations. That they listen to our songs, that they become fans and above all keep us as the great family that we are.

There are these new audiences, but also this new generation that grew up with their songs. Did you ever imagine being this strong reference for that generation?

More than imagining, we dreamed of that part. I think that they are one of the first things that you begin to do in your mind and see it already accomplished, that people have grown with us and above all that many more people have also joined and that they continue to sing our songs and that they adopt them as their own, Well, for us it is a great pleasure, that it is still happening.

Facts about the concert

The concert tour in Ecuador starts this Thursday November 17 in Guayaquil, at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum, at 8:00 p.m. Another function follows in Cuenca, on Friday, November 18, at the Jefferson Pérez Quezada Coliseum, at 8:30 p.m. Finally in Quito, on Saturday November 19, at the General Rumiñahui Coliseum, at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale through (AND)

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Reik on the possibility of singing with Mar Rendón at her concerts in Ecuador: “It will be a pleasure for us to share the stage with her” | Music | Entertainment