RBD 2023 tour: Anahí reveals the new member of the band. Will he replace Alfonso Herrera?

RBD will return to the stage with his tour ‘I am Rebelde Tour’, which has excited millions of fans in Mexico and Latin America, since after several years of that time in which they became famous through the Mexican soap opera and earned the affection of viewers, and the general public, several months ago they announced their reunion and tour in countries like Mexico, the United States and Brazil. The great controversy of this great news is that not all the members of the band will be present, Alfonso Herrera will be the only one who will be left out of the musical shows.

The comeback of RBD then it will only be with Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, situation that has divided opinions and speculation among the followers of the Mexican band, what is a reality is that the tour in Mexico is fully confirmed for the cities of Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, so yes, after 15 years of absence a whole generation will be able to sing again the musical repertoire of this group.

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Anahí reveals the name of the new member of RBD

A funny video was released on social networks where the singer Anahí appears next to who would be the next member of RBD, but do not be scared because this little person will NOT replace ‘Poncho’ Herrera; and it is that the protagonist of the soap opera is seen hugging her eldest son who expresses “Friends, I am the new RBD”and immediately the wife of the politician Manuel Velasco Coello laughs and hugs him.

the act of ‘Manuelito’ shocked the followers of Anahí and RBD, and it is that we remember that a few years ago when he was younger he fell in love with users of social networks after publicly singing some verses of the famous song “Rebel”, main song of the group. After several years of her interpretation taking place on her son’s most recent birthday, the singer remembered the moment and shared that video with her followers along with an emotional message from her for the six years of her life. .

Anahí cuts out a photo of Alfonso Herrara, after RBD’s return to the stage

One of the situations that divided opinions among RBD fans was that Alfonso Herrera will not be on the musical tour.I am Rebelde Tour’, every time, that in multiple interviews for national media he assured that his work schedule for now does not allow him to take time to accompany his colleagues and be part of the return of the group, before this and after the official announcement of this great news, the singer shared on her social networks a photograph where she cuts out “Poncho” in an official image in which the five members appear, a situation that caused anger among some fans, but that little by little she has tried to forget.

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RBD 2023 tour: Anahí reveals the new member of the band. Will he replace Alfonso Herrera?