Rapper Trouble DTE is shot to death inside his car in Atlanta

Lhe rap community is in mourning after the sad news of his death this Saturday rapper Mariel Semonte Orr, better known professionally as Trouble DTE.

According to information released by his relatives and by people close to him, the interpreter, originally from Atlanta (Georgia), was murdered on the night of June 4.

Murdered inside his car

From what little is known so far, Trouble DTE was inside your car at the time he received several shots from a firearm that ended his existence at the age of 35 years old.

So far, the authorities are investigating who may have committed the murder and the causes that originated it.

In this regard, Alexis Sky, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, expressed her sadness at the events. “I never would have imagined receiving the call this morning. I’m speechless. I’m sorry this is happening to you… I’m praying for your children and your family,” he wrote on social media.

Trouble DTE had a decade-long music career, since debuting in April 2011 with the release of their album ‘December 17th’. After that, the rapper released another pair of studio albums, ‘Edgewood’ (2018) and ‘Thug Love’ (2020). Then came the signing with Mike WiLL Made-It and his label Ear Drummer Records.

Dismay among his friends and fans

Upon hearing the news of his death, messages of condolences for his relatives have quickly emerged. In this regard, Mike WiLL Made-It dedicated a sentence to him accompanied by some photographs on social networks. “REST EASY SKOOB”, the text reads.

For their part, some fans also expressed their sadness at the loss of their idol. “Dammit. Trouble was one of the last really solid guys in Atlanta.. Bruh was authentic about everything, he wasn’t caught up in that industry bullshit. It just moved accordingly. That street shit is dead,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another of the interpreter’s followers wrote a message that goes further, revealing the rise in homicides recorded in recent times. “Woke up to three dead rappers in the last seven months… Dolph, Keed, now Trouble. Shit has to stop,” he said.

The most worrying thing about Trouble’s murder is that, in the last message he wrote on Twitter, he pointed out that I was trying to get home safe and sound to try to avoid any trouble on the streets of Atlanta.

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Rapper Trouble DTE is shot to death inside his car in Atlanta