Raphael was masterful and a surprise in his concert: who could!

There is no age, nor covid-19 (which he recently suffered), my new life after a liver transplant (in 2003) that can stop Raphael. In a few days he will be 79 years old and what he did this April 29 at his first concert in Costa Rica (this April 30 he offers one more at the Melico Salazar Theater) is to remember forever.

Seeing Raphael on stage is already an honor. His brilliant career speaks for himself, and being the legend that he is, let’s say he could have certain licenses not to offer a show the same as those of 40, 30, 20 or 10 years ago. Even so, he never tires of giving surprises on stage: the main gift is him.

After 8 pm, a theme tune I am the one opened the long-awaited concert that was initially agreed for June 2020. Almost two years later and after overcoming everything that covid-19 caused in the country and in the world, wearing their masks were Raphael’s fans, who automatically They stood up to applaud him.

Suddenly he appeared looking divine, maximum. His shirt and pants were black and he wore them too, except that silver embroidery on the blazer highlighted the brilliance of someone who, as a child, showed a special talent that today, seven decades later, remains intact. That was precisely one of the great surprises of the night: his voice.

Raphael began to sing and move his arms to the music: in doing so it was as if he were sharing his deepest feelings with us. The first interpretation of it was Phoenix and in it he sang about rebirth and coming back. She then filled the audience with energy with her song crazy to sing This concert was a whirlpool of emotions.

The show Raphael 6.0 celebrates 60 years of artistic life of the Spaniard; as part of the celebration he recorded an album with songs by other artists that he always wanted to sing. Tonight he played, for example, To die like this is to die of love, Local life, Face to face, Let no one know my suffering (with flamenco dance included), among others.

A huge screen behind him showed different images that moved in sync with the instruments and with the energetic movements of the singer before singing the song. Whatever they say. Everything was intense. The fast-paced, electronic-tinged music suddenly trailed off so that Raphael’s voice rang out loud. It was all energy and emotion.

the famous theme What will happen it also took the audience on a wave of energy and a lot of intensity. Sometimes Raphael relied on the fans for the choirs of the pieces, however, the Spaniard did not stop singing live making a waste of his artistic greatness.

Raphael was masterful and a surprise in his concert who

The topic Provocation aroused other sensations. Raphael with microphone in hand and without moving too much, gave an impeccable performance. Then came the topic Since that day with which he transmitted with the power of his voice how a love does not prosper because “neither of us do anything to return… and we love each other”.

The applause and shouts did not subside. He greeted with gratitude drawn on his face.

“I was thinking about the wonderful songs that were made to me in those times, songs that will be unforgettable in the history of my life forever. How are you”, she said before singing I will be born again topic that made him review his beginnings.

I can’t tear you from me Y I’m still the one they came later to give way to an emotional moment in which words and not songs came out of Raphael’s voice:

“I’m still the same Raphael as always. I’m still that one.” And she not only said it, but he proved it.

He had already warned about it in the most recent interview he gave to The nation: “They are going to see me with all my strength, giving everything and delighted that the public has a great time with me and with my songs, both the old ones and the new ones”.

This gentleman kept his word.


Raphael’s show meant that no one stayed in a comfort zone. Their set list of 30 songs were like a boomerang that left with one emotion and returned with another: there was love, spite, longing, passion, energy and more. Tears were shed by moved eyes in some moments, several ladies did not contain their feelings. But suddenly, in the blink of an eye Raphael was already performing an almost mesmerizing dance to his own tune as he sang I was in love.

Shortly after the topic I close my eyes, in which all attention was once again focused on his voice. Accompanied by the piano he sang Nostalgia. Raphael never left the stage, there were no breaks. He from time to time he took sips of water and continued.

When you are not here was performed with great feeling and crybaby was accompanied by a little dance near the guitarists who accompanied him.

With a stage illuminated with pink and purple colors, Raphael sang the inspiring theme be in love that with its lyrics gives us an idealistic tutorial of what it feels like to experience that sentimental state.

raw meat It was a piece that was sung with all the strength, not even the masks that must be used by protocol and as a sanitary measure they felt like an obstacle to being able to give everything.

Nobody knows It was one of the songs that stayed for the last, this theme is one of Raphael’s anthems in response to the criticism and speculation that anyone can face. “What does anyone know what I prefer or do not prefer in love?”.

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It seemed that he was leaving, but Raphael, a gentleman, returned to please the public, which included middle-aged people, older adults and new generations. It was at that moment that he sang Scandal. And yes, after this and two uninterrupted hours of show and live voice, Raphael gave one more surprise: he rapped. “If I feel like it, I do what I want,” he said in one of the fast lines.

Raphael, a man of many songs and few words, spoke again to make a promise to the Costa Ricans.

“It’s a pleasure after so long. I solemnly promise you that it won’t be that long before I return. No more than a couple of years, which is what it costs me to turn this world of ours around. I will not stop coming.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he returned to his own thing: singing. Raphael played the famous, romantic and devoted How I love you and between verses he made a declaration of love.

“I love you so much, so much”, he said and thus closed an unforgettable night.

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Raphael was masterful and a surprise in his concert: who could!