Rap runs out of ‘flow’ in Actual

Jaime Lorente, yesterday during his performance / Miguel Herreros

Barely a hundred spectators attend the live performance of Toteking and Jaime Lorente on the third day of the cycle ‘Great concerts’ in the Riojaforum auditorium

Diego Marín A.

For the second consecutive night, the Riojaforum auditorium offered a bleak panorama. If to see Sen Serna there would not be 300 spectators, for Toteking and Jaime Lorente not even one hundred was reached. And it is the cycle ‘Great concerts’ … It is true that dealing with a semi-empty venue is complex, but it is possible to do it. Toteking did it as best he could, he did it well, but his rap concert was like putting an elephant in a garage. Apart from the fact that it may be the first rap concert to be held in Riojaforum, something that, in principle, almost seems even unnatural when, just two months ago, the Bilbao Choral Society, the Orquesta de Helsinki and Mocedades, among others.

First the actor Jaime Lorente acted, known for his intervention in the series ‘La Casa de Papel’ and ‘Elite’, and who is now a musician, but, if necessary, it seems that he could become a photographer or painter. Everything will go. As is to be expected of someone who wants to stay in the limelight in any way, but not because of his talent, his concert was empty, weak, without emotion. The music and lyrics were embedded in rap as they could have been framed in pop, in fact, it ended up leading to a disco sound, also due to the lighting. After a long half hour Jaime Lorente left the stage having shown little but with the prize of a stuffed animal of a pink rabbit with a message attached to one ear that was thrown at him from the audience. The reason for this unusual Jaime Lorente-Toteking duality is found in the producer of both artists, Pablo Gareta, although neither of them made reference to the other nor did they coincide on stage at any time. Not even the DJs shared a table.

Another thing was the Toteking live show, which began with DJ Nexxa’s ‘scratches’, which already demonstrated a full stop. The Sevillian rapper was accompanied by MC Enjoy Canoa, who did the backing vocals for him. Together they starred in a concert of just over an hour that was more correct than exciting, knowing how to play the right keys, sing the right songs so that the funeral, at least, was different. Thus, at the beginning ‘There is no way’ and ‘Totehijoeputa’ sounded and the hundreds of attendees already seemed to be some more waving their arms and singing the chorus.

Toteking is part of that generation of Spanish rappers who, curiously, and regardless of stereotypes, have not only left the street, but also from the University. Javier Ibarra (Kase O) studied Classical Philology and Manuel González (Toteking), English Philology, although neither of them graduated. But it shows in the control of the language, the rhymes, the references, although in the Sevillian the appointments to the NBA flourish more typical of the rap of the South of Spain than of the North. Actual was the first concert to present their new album ‘The Kingtape’ and although it was enough for the cold panorama it had, it lacked soul, spark, heat, ‘flow’.

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Rap runs out of ‘flow’ in Actual