July 5, 2021

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Raffaella Carrà died: Five songs to remember the Italian diva [VIDEO]

Raffaella Carra died Five songs to remember the Italian diva

Since he started in the music industry in 1970, Raffaella Carrà it did not stop reaping successes. His themes are icons of freedom, expression and culture.

Together with Gianni Boncompagni, composer of most of her songs and the choreographer Sergio Japino, who was her partner, she managed to become the most beloved European artist.

To remind Raffaella Carrà who passed away this Monday, July 5, we remember his best songs.

The best successes of Raffaella Carrà

1. Hot, hot

In the 70s, Raffaella Carrà wanted to break into Hollywood with this song. The times he appeared on different television programs presenting ‘Caliente, caliente’ showed a wonderful choreography with acrobatic dancers.

2. You have to come south

One of the most iconic songs of Raffaella Carrà is “We must come to the south.” It is the most danced and sung for which it has traveled generation after generation since 1978.

3. Fiesta

“Party, how fantastic, fantastic is the party …”, reads a part of the song that has been covered in different languages ​​such as Spanish, German and English.

4. Pedro

When releasing this theme in the 80’s, Raffaella Carrà became more popular as the LGBT community catapulted her as an icon of gay culture. In the video clip, men are shown in tights and tight suits, being a window so that many people can express themselves freely.

5. In love, everything is beginning

This is one of the greatest hits of the Italian artist who is better known as “Explode, explode” for the chorus of the song.


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