Radiohead to release album with unreleased tracks

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The music industry is slowly returning to normal. Proof of this is the return from concerts and festivals all over the world, but this return also brings surprises and new music.

Such is the case of the British band Radiohead who surprised everyone this September 7 with the release of a never heard song. The song called ‘If you say the word’ It does not come alone, it will be included in the album that the band will release for the anniversary of its productions ‘Kid A’ y ‘Amnesiac’.

The grouping made up of Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien, Phil Selway, Jonny y Colin Greenwood will launch this deluxe edition called ‘Kid A Mnesia’ where the two complete albums will be included, accompanied by the new song that already exceeds the 100,000 views on YouTube.

“We humbly introduce KID TO MNESIA. It’s coming of age for Kid A & Amnesiac and joining a new album, Kid Amnesiae, a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions and previously unreleased material. The three of them go out together on November 5. ” the band wrote through their Twitter account.

In the last days, Radiohead had released some clues from the news, with videos on Twitter showing hands trying to put these two birthday albums together.

This new track took by surprise all the followers of the band since since their last album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ en 2016, the members were working on personal projects.

‘Kid A Mnesia’, the reissue that will include the discs ´Kid’ y ‘Amnesiac’ will be released in physical format and on digital platforms next November 5. For now, the fans of the band reacted in the best way to this unreleased song, looking forward to the month of November where they can hear the latest from Radiohead.


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