Pure great song: These are 7 songs to get fully into Alfie Templeman

Historically, the UK has been one of the most important cradles of the music industry. There is always a new artist who emerges from those lands ready to take over the world … and this time, one of the musicians who is definitely breaking it is Alfie Templeman.

This boy is one of the great revelations of the British indie scene and at just 18 years old, he has already delivered several extended plays to the public from 2017 to date, in addition to the fact that in 2021 he released his first album entitled Forever Isn’t Long Enough. Yes, he is still young, but since he already has a certain path, he does.

Alfie Templeman at Corona Capital / Photo: Stephania Carmona

So if you still do not have this tremendous musician on the radar, here we bring you a list of his rolls to enter your project. And if you are already a fan, then it will be a nice reminder with some of the songs.

Happiness In Liquid Form

Disco: Happiness In Liquid Form EP

If there is a song that defines Alfie Templeman’s tremendous proposal, that must be “Happiness In Liquid Form”. And we are talking about a song that highlights the artist’s ‘indie’ environment, while allowing us to see those tints close to pop, funk and even disco music that have influenced him.

But not only that. With less than 20 years, Alfie has already joined other renowned artists to write songs and in the case of this track, the lyrics were created together with nothing more and nothing less than The Vaccines’ Justin Young with fellow collaborator Will Bloomfield. Like we said, TE-MA-ZO.

Wait, I Lied

Disco: Forever Isn’t Long Enough

Not all pop is generic and made from the electronic beats that dominate the mainstream scene … and good old Alfie Templeman knows it. With “Wait, I Lied”, the young Briton shows us his potential to sound on the radio with a very catchy funky theme in its compositional structure.

And well, although it sounds like a moving and very funny song, the truth is that the lyrics could well be a ballad about heartbreak. The song, as such, puts us before the story of a person who regrets having lost his loved one and who does not know what to do since he cannot get it out of his mind. This song is an example of how to turn a sad theme into a song full of funny sounds.

Stop Thinking (About Me)

Disco: Sunday Morning Cereal EP

Can you imagine being only 16 years old and already throwing yourself songs of this type? Well, the same thing happens with Alfie and the track “Stop Thinking (About Me)”. This roll came out in 2019 and shows us a Templeman in a more ‘bohemian’ facet -to put it in some way-. The song is relaxed and you can see some blues influences with eighties new wave guitars that give the track a lot of vibes.

And when it comes to lyrics, the song is perfect for those times when you and someone you like are throwing off each other, but that other person isn’t quite sure about taking the next step. Will this issue come from some experience of Alfie Templeman?

Fun fact: Alfie played this song as part of his setlist at Corona Capital 2021 and invited the Mexican singer Vanessa Zamora on stage to do the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.


3D Feelings

We said it before and we repeat it: Alfie Templeman has the potential to blow up radio stations and not with a generic pop proposition. Their latest single, “3D Feelings”, is another example of what it’s like to take indie-pop to funk and add some atmosphere to make a catchy track.

With this single, Alfie says goodbye in 2021 and heads to 2022 in what could be the year of his definitive consolidation. And again, in this song the young Briton is accompanied by Justin Young de The Vaccines y Will Bloomfield (who, as anecdotal data, collaborated in the composition of the album Back In Love City de los Vaccines).

Yellow Flowers

Disco: Like An Animal EP

We look back a few years in Alfie Templeman’s career to remember “Yellow Flowers”, one of those songs that show us the versatility of the young Englishman. And it is that although we have taught you in this list many moved songs and the whole thing, this one is characterized by its melancholic sound, super calm and with some acoustic touches that arouse nostalgia.

This is from the EP called Like An Animal of 2018 and it already showed us how versatile Alfie was since he was just 15 years old. Fall in love with this great song right now.


Disc: single promoted without being part of a record material

2020 was a tough year for the music industry due to the pandemic, but against all that some artists did their best to give us some music. And in that bag, we can throw Circa Waves and Alfie Templeman, who got together to make a spectacular featuring with the song “Lemonade”.

Circa Waves, as some of you may know, are one of the loudest indie-rock bands in England for a few years now and that’s why it’s nice to have seen them recruit Alfie for this great collaboration. Putting it in context, Templeman can now boast of having collaborated not only with Justin Young from The Vaccines, but also with the Circa. A crack, without a doubt.

Take a listen and let yourself be carried away by this melancholic piece full of feeling.

Orange Juice

Disc: single promoted without being part of a record material

This is a topic that only red bone fans of Alfie Templeman will remember well. It was not released as part of an album and is one of those ‘rarities’ that you collect from your favorite artist to keep lovingly. And this song is quite good because It shows us a psychedelic side of the British that is not very usual to hear in other record materials.

The song is short, but captivating. Relaxed, but powerful at the same time. The only sin that it has is precisely that it lasts so little. But that they are going to enjoy it, there is no doubt about that. Here we leave them for you to listen to and put it in your playlists.

Check out our acoustic session with Alfie Templeman!

Since we reviewed some great songs by Alfie Templeman, here is the acoustic session we had with him prior to his presentation at Corona Capital 2021. Over here, the young Englishman raffled off and played the songs for some fans “Happiness In Liquid Form”, “3D Feelings” y “Stop Thinking (About Me)”.

But that’s not all: for the session, we also had the very same guests as guests. Dayglow y Will Joseph Cook, that they threw a palomazo with some grooves. Here we leave you the showcase that got really good.

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Pure great song: These are 7 songs to get fully into Alfie Templeman