Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capó: “There is a lack of leaders who are responsible for their people”

After the natural disasters that have highlighted the problems of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capó demands that the leaders of his country attend to the needs of their own and celebrates that personalities from the musical world join the fight.

“Leaders are needed who face and respond for their people, the needs of the people have not been met and, with great pride, the work of many colleagues has made this visible,” the artist says in an interview.

A recent example of this was the devastation left by Hurricane Fiona recently, such as the electrical damage on the island that, according to Pedro, is the result of poor government management.

“We are going through a very difficult time that has been emphasized by natural disasters, but the root is a lack of responsibility by our rulers,” he says.

Heading for a new album

Capó is a month away from presenting his new album, which he considers the most “honest” of his career, the result of several moments of introspection arising mainly from the pandemic that led him, almost forced, not only to reconnect with his origins, but with their fears and sadness.

“It’s an album with more roots, it’s like coming home to play with sounds that I had left behind, I incorporated everything,” says the singer, who obtained the musical influence of his eldest son, Jhavi, with whom he does not stop sharing. music and who he considers his musical director.

his latest single Back home encompasses a large part of the themes of the album from the metaphor, the reality of loneliness and intimacy, but above all from the intimacy of the home, the space in which the album was conceived.

It is, up to now, the most serious song he has already presented on the album, like Party either Thank youbut for the same reason it is one of the most necessary, since it considers that sadness is a taboo that must be dealt with in music.

“It is as symbolic as returning to the essence, to the center, to a safe space, but returning home symbolizes that too, returning to your little house after traffic, a hard day’s work, difficult times, or to your country, to your mother’s house, receive that affection and pampering, “he says.

A large part of the songs on the album were born from the inspiration generated by a documentary of a Polish artist that he saw together with Jhavi.

As he recalls, he argued that art should be created from the deepest fears and, in his eagerness to describe his own, he also found those of many more people, since he is convinced that all humans tend to feel emotions in similar ways. .

“I was exploring what fears I had and collective fears, and I thought about death, it’s inevitable, and playing with it from a humorous point of view, but giving light to that inevitable reality,” he says.

Thus was born the first theme of the material, Partywhich has already been presented, and where he idealizes the day of his funeral, with optimism and humor.

“(The album) is a collection of emotions that I went through these last two years, honest stories that range from love, heartbreak, death, gratitude, returning to the essence, home, sadness, feeling incredibly good. , a tour of emotions like those that happen in a month for any person”, he delves into the content.

His new material will be unveiled on November 4 and he assures that those who enter it will be able to see “a portrait of Pedro Capó in these two years.”

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Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capó: “There is a lack of leaders who are responsible for their people”