Puente opens the door to cancel party concerts

The mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, has conditioned the celebration of the concerts planned in the Plaza Mayor of the capital during the next Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de San Lorenzo to allow a capacity of at least 50 percent of the square, since given the “high cache” of the artists, “it does not make sense” to undertake such an expense for so few viewers.

This was stated this Thursday during a visit to the rehabilitation works that the Consistory has financed in the old Círculo Campestre, in the city’s Pinar de Antequera.

After knowing the decision of the Junta de Castilla y León to extend until August 30 the limitation and prevention measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, the mayor explained that the City Council was waiting for the 16th, when these would initially decline. measures, to make a decision, but when the new resolution is known, they will have to “assess” whether or not to continue these concerts.

In this sense, he has indicated that this Thursday afternoon he plans to talk with the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Board, Javier Ortega, to discuss the issue and has acknowledged that “it would be a shame” if these declined on August 30. measures without giving time to plan the activities scheduled by the City Council, since they are only “four days before the festivities.”

“We had the entire program planned,” acknowledged Óscar Puente, who has warned, however, that the Consistory took the “precaution” of signing “COVID clauses” with all contracted artists, so that a hypothetical resolution of these contracts in case of not being able to celebrate it would be “relatively simple”.


In any case, he stressed that “if a minimum capacity of 50 percent cannot be ensured in the Plaza Mayor, it makes no sense to do so”, given the “high cache” of the artists and the expense that it would entail “for 2,000 o 5,000 people “. “What less than half of the capacity to be able to maintain them”, has considered the councilor.

In any case, it has pointed out that the Consistory does maintain the forecast of carrying out “certain events” that may be held in accordance with current measures and that will be made public when they have “definitive” knowledge of the regulations in force.

In this sense, the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Ana Redondo, has recognized that they are working to adapt the celebration of the pyrotechnic contest to the circumstances, a “safe activity” that “reaches many citizens.”

Thus, it has confirmed contacts with the Territorial Delegation of the Board and the Sub-delegation of the Government to find a way to launch these fireworks “with complete safety” and hopes to have “some good news shortly.”

On the other hand, he has shown his confidence that the activities organized for the holidays by the Youth Council at the Millennium Dome can be adapted to the security measures imposed and “most” of them can be held.