June 10, 2021

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Politeama celebrates its 100 years on Friday with a Fattoruso concert for free streaming

Politeama celebrates its 100 years on Friday with a Fattoruso

Montevideo Portal

The Politeama Cultural Complex, managed by the Municipality of Canelones, turned 100 on March 26, but due to the health situation, the celebration for its centenary was postponed. Mayor Yamandú Orsi will participate in the celebration this Friday, in which there will be two live concerts without an audience that will be broadcast for free on Vera Tv: Hugo Fattoruso and Barrio Sur, and Guadalupe Romero.

Barrio Sur is a group that accompanies Fattoruso and is made up of Mathías Silva, on piano drum; Guillermo Díaz Silva, small drummer; Wellington Silva, drum peal; and Albana Barrocas on percussion and voice.

“That show was going to be done in March, but since the pandemic caught us and we were not yet ready to do what we are going to do now, it had to be suspended,” Politeama director Jorge Schellemberg told Montevideo Portal.

Schellemberg, musician and director of the Sala Zitarrosa between 2012 and 2020, highlighted the presence of Guadalupe Romero and her guitarists, “a very good singer from the city of Canelones, who is constantly on the rise.” Romero also hosts the music program Corchea, which is broadcast on the National Television of Uruguay (TNU).

In addition to the 100 years of Politeama and the presentation of a video on the centenary, Friday will be the launch of Politeama 100.0, a streaming concert project with ticket sales, which will be marketed by Antel.

Concerts at home

The concert this Friday will be free access, as well as the Mónica Navarro show on June 26. After these two concerts, there will be two cycles, one by musicians from the department and the other by national artists.

In this context, Níquel, the band led by Jorge Nasser, and Martín Buscaglia will perform.
Schellemberg explained that Politeama 100.0 has “two ends.” On the one hand, “the collaboration towards reactivation, although with this we are not going to reactivate the culture, it would be very pretentious and pedantic to raise it, but to try to find ways with others, that may arise from other places, to generate some genuine work “. On the other hand, it aims “to reach Uruguayans who are in the diaspora, because this will continue after” the pandemic passes.

The director of the Cultural Complex stressed that “people will be supporting the artists with their entrance, and they will be receiving a top quality product, recorded with many cameras, the best equipment in the plaza, so it will be like watching a good television channel in concert format “.

Montevideo Portal

Politeama celebrates its 100 years on Friday with a Fattoruso