Pitbull with hair? Networks explode after VIRAL PHOTO of the reggaeton player

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One of the most popular reggaeton players in the world It is causing furor on social networks, but no, this time it is not for a new song or a show that he has given, but Pitbull, famous for his phrase ‘you already know’, went viral for his abundant hair, beard and mustache.

When many believed that this character was bald / bald and that they would never see him with hair, social networks showed that anything is possible, well A couple of Pitbull photos proved that ‘Mr Worldwide’ can still surprise us. The real question here is, are they real or fake?

The internet went crazy over Pitbull photos

Reggaeton became a trend in social networks for these photos where appears with long hair, beard and mustache, dazzling his followers and causing astonishment by the supposed radical change that he presented.

Although many Pitbull fans did go with the feint, it has to be said that these photos, according to many netizens, they are false, because a app To put it singer’s face with all that hair.

Beyond the possible assembly, which is not 100% confirmed but it is most likely, see the urban singer in this way If that changes the perception they have of him, Well, he got us used to seeing him totally bald.

Internet users created memes and did some comparisons, because with this look he was put next to Handsome Squidward, after the radical change; in the same way they commented that is 2021 could only turn weirder if Vin Disel and Dwayne Johnson team up with Pitbull with a hair like that.

The comments and reactions were very varied and funny, because there is content of all kinds to see this Pitbull with hair, a ‘being that was believed mythological’.

The best Pitbull memes with hair

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Pitbull with hair? Networks explode after VIRAL PHOTO of the reggaeton player