Pineda: “Guatemala is the only country where they want to lower a political party a month before the elections”

The presidential candidate for the Citizen Prosperity party, Carlos Rene Pineda Sosamade a live broadcast on his official Facebook page to issue a statement regarding the suspension of his candidacy and that of all the people who aspire to a public position for said political group, according to a statement from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

“Guatemala is the only country where they want to lower a political party a month before the elections,” Pineda asserted during part of his speech.


explain the case

Pineda explained what has affected his candidacy after the legal action raised by the Cambio political group and assured that close to 300 people have also been affected in their own candidacies.

They presented an appeal, an amparo to the sixth room, to order the Registry of Citizens to vote on the assembly that took place 7 months ago of the Prosperidad Ciudadana party, the one that gave me a pull. It is totally illegal because the law sets deadlines; and that time has already expired.

Pineda indicates that the Cambio party had three days to appeal at the time only three days but they did not. And neither did they exhaust all legal resources to reach these instances, according to the candidate.

“power groups”

“They want to make the party disappear because we have more support,” he mentioned at the same time that he recalled that “they have already left out” the presidential pairings of the Movement for the Liberation of the Peoples (MLP), that of Podemos and the candidacies of deputy Aldo Dávila and of Juan Francisco Solórzano Foppa, for deputy to the Congress and mayor of the City, respectively.

Those responsible for this are various “power groups”, according to what he said.

“The three candidates below me already have alliances with all these groups,” he said. In addition, he mentioned that these groups are made up of the central government, “businessmen with privileges”, foreign investments and “even organized crime.”

However, he assures that the last group of power that has influence and interferes in the election of president is the people of Guatemala, whom they “leave last,” according to his words.

“Mulet favors him”

On the other hand, Pineda assures that the one who is favored by the fact that he is not in the political race is the candidates who follow him, but mainly Edmond Mulet.

“The plan has always been for Edmond Mulet and Sandra Torres to go to the second round, because that was the way it was in the last election. All the power groups bet on Mulet and some on Torres. By leaving with Sandra, and with the anti-vote, he would win the elections (Mulet) ”, he said.

In his words, Pineda indicates that “Mulet has cronies and allies from all power groups” for this reason “he is the most dangerous right now.”

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Pineda: “Guatemala is the only country where they want to lower a political party a month before the elections”