PHOTOS: BTS’s Jimin shows his love for Jungkook with this cute action

South Korean K-Pop singer jeon jungkookwho is known as the “golden maknae“He is promoting his solo single”Seven” in the United States, so for a few days he traveled to New York to fulfill his schedule with presentations, interviews and even concerts.

However, not everything has been exhausting on his trip, as he was recently caught with his partner and friend Jiminwho did not hesitate to show his love and support by asking him out, since they both had a appointment and some followers had the opportunity to see them walking.

Jimin and Kookie are very close. (Credits: Facebook / BTS)

How did Jimin show his love for Jungkook?

Through social networks some photos were viralized where Jimin and jungkook appear walking in the streets of NY, because the fans of the boyband, who are known as armyThey assure that the interpreter of “Like Crazy” traveled to that city only to be able to meet his friend and show his support.

On the other hand, there are those who mention that they could be working on a collaboration for the maknae’s solo album, since both are very close and their musical styles are very similar, in addition, they have been dating for a few months. However, this has yet to be confirmed as of yet. “What! Is Jimin going to participate in Jungkook’s new music? I can’t stand it,” one pointed out. army On twitter.

They claim they could be working on a song.
(Credits: Facebook / BTS)

Jimin returns to Korea and Jungkook continues promoting “Seven”

After Jimin he was able to meet his partner jungkookthe “Set Me Free Pt. 2” singer was able to return to South Korea and was well received by his fans, who did not hesitate to wait for him until he arrived safely at the Incheon airport in Seoul.

Meanwhile, the youngest of bts he stayed in the United States to continue promoting his solo work”Seven“, which was released last Friday, July 14 and has been well received by his fans, who have not stopped playing his songs on the platforms.

Jimin returned to Korea after traveling to NY. (Credits: Facebook / BTS)

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PHOTOS: BTS’s Jimin shows his love for Jungkook with this cute action