Perfect SNEAKERS to go to a music FESTIVAL (and not fail in the attempt)

To choose tennis is not easy. It can be fun, exciting, shocking and even addictive. But never easy. Above all, because as a good gq man you understand and experience the anguish of wanting to have (always) ALL of them. Especially when it comes to a very special collaboration or a pair that we know will be very, very useful. Of a sneakers that I can give you swag absolute that you are looking for, but also that it works perfectly with any of your outfits.

Even more complicated if we know that said kick We will make you see your luck, because we want you to go from top to bottom, to demand your best performance in complicated situations and to feel really supported in our greatest feats.

Therefore, choose the tennis cooler and better performance for a Music festival is TURBO important. you need some sneakers that accompany you through the crowds, make you resist pushes and even kicks, give you stability in the mud or on slopes, do not tire you after several hours standing, do not get damaged by the rain and, basically, survive said event for future occasions.

Here our selection. The models that have earned our trust the most and that will be your faithful companions in any slam.

with rock attitude

Our absolute recommendation, especially since its appearance is also very bold and rebellious, at the same time as it guarantees us materials of extreme quality: the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Triple Animal. A design that unites the daring Animal Print with black leather premium Italian that revives the genres of rock, punk, emo, alternative and many of its variants. To go to a concert is a must go as comfortable as possible, between hours of standing and touring stages, the best recommendation is to include pieces athletics but ad hoc for the event, like this design made in an artisanal way and that adapts to the look plus rockerbut with himthe comfort you seek in sneakers casual.

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Perfect SNEAKERS to go to a music FESTIVAL (and not fail in the attempt)