Pepe Aguilar: the privileges and the great life that the singer’s ‘dog’ has

is one of the most recognized and acclaimed singers of . At 53 years old, he has 23 albums published, dozens of hits, Grammy awards and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Product of his years of effort, the musician is capable of giving himself a luxurious life, which he shares with those he loves; as is the case of a small four-legged man who stole his heart from the moment he arrived home.

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The four children he has with Carmen Triveño and Aneliz Álvarez They are not the only conceited of the interpreter of “Your blood and my body”, the other member of the Aguilar clan who also occupies the heart of the artist is the little dog called “Fat”, a pug with black fur that has captivated not only its owners but also its more than 15.7 thousand followers on Instagram.

Fans of Pepe Aguilar they know well the spoiled Mexican, because much is said about the privileges that the animal has, which are superior to the life that an average person can aspire to. “Fat” enjoy the best meals, trips, among other pleasures that we will mention below.


The little animal goes from one place to another when its human father has presentations to give, mostly within the United States; This is how in social networks he is observed with the rest of the family when they are about to board or during a flight.

As the Aguilar’s are used to traveling first class or flying in a private jet, it is understood that “Fat” enjoy the same benefits.


On July 27, the children of Pepe Aguilar They decided to create an Instagram account for the pug to share his lifestyle with the world. “El Gordo” only follows 15 people, among which stand out Snoop Dog, César Millán “The Dog Whisperer” and the members of the clan.


Unlike the Aguilar fans, who have to pay about 5,000 pesos for a ticket to their presentations, “Fat” you have an unlimited pass to attend any show, backstage and even sound checks; This is because his family wants to always be in contact with him. As if that weren’t enough, meals, transportation, tickets to special places and access to personalities in the environment is something that is also included.


Like the rest of the clan, the little four-legged man lives on the ranch. “The Soyate“, property of Pepe Aguilar that was inherited by his father. The place is one of the most beautiful and exclusive in the Aztec country, with a land of 1300 hectares that produce a diversity of foods. In addition, it has more than enough space for the dog to roam freely.

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