Pepe Aguilar responds to a video where he would be performing a song by Bad Bunny and they ask for a song together

The singer Pepe Aguilar danced to the rhythm of ‘I behave pretty’ and shared it on social networks.

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The singer Pepe Aguilar became a trend on the different platforms after having reacted to a video where he appears at a concert, while allegedly would be interpreting one of the musical successes of bad bunnyvideo that was edited. However, Father Angela took it in a very positive way.

The interpreter of ‘I’m getting used to you’ modified the video where he was supposedly singing ‘I behave pretty’ by the Puerto Rican, while on the other side he comes out dancing while he is seen on a plane. The post shared on the TikTok social network was accompanied by the following message: “Wait for collaboration with my compa @badbunny”.

Hundreds of reactions were immediately recorded when seeing the way in which Pepe took the audiovisual, and many would be happy after considering that a musical collaboration between the two artists could be carried out. However, other Internet users would not agree, because one of them assured that the interpreter of ‘Titi asked me’ does not sing.

“Oh Pepe we need to see you dancing”, “What would Antonio say about this?”, “Without fear of success Pepe”, “You sing everything”, “No ma*n, this is like a gift of life“, “No, and I swore that I had already seen everything”, “Before I was a fan, now I’m a super fan“”, “Your style is unique and you do sing”, “This is funny, but not funny with laughter, funny with weirdness”, “The net if they collaborate would be chingón”, “We need a collaboration with this great music“, Were some of the impressions generated by the video.

To date the ‘Bad Rabbit’ has not yet ruled on the matter. However, it is not something that is ruled out later, for now it will be time to wait for time to continue to see if the artists reach a possible agreement to meet in a recording studio.

Pepe Aguilar undoubtedly wanted to highlight his possible taste for the urban genre, despite the fact that he sings a completely different one.

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Pepe Aguilar responds to a video where he would be performing a song by Bad Bunny and they ask for a song together