Paul Stanley says the end of Kiss’s farewell tour is ‘more in sight than some people realize’, but it opens up to more sporadic concerts –

January 19, 2023 2:05 pm
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The singer and guitarist of Kiss, Paul Stanleyhas made it clear in a recent interview that the end of the band’s final tour is “more in sight than some people think”blaming the two years of pandemic for the fact that it seems that the tour “End of the Road” seems to have no end, although it is not closed to the fact that there may be more sporadic concerts.

The interview granted to Yahoo! Entertainment He opened the subject of Kiss’s farewell to the stage, being interested in the possibility of there being a special celebration for the 50th anniversary from the band: “The fact that we’re still not just surviving but thriving is special enough. There’s nothing special to do. I’m delighted we’re still here. I’m delighted the fans are still here. The fans seem delighted we’re still here.” .

Stanley, who a few days ago already outlined the idea of ​​the end of the tour when talking about the time you are forced to spend away from your familyensures that they have decided where and when the end will be: “We’re coming to the end of this farewell tour, so to speak. We kind of know when and where we’re going to end up. And that’s it.”

The years of the Covid have been to blame for the Starchild for the perception that this tour has no end: “This tour, strangely enough, seems to never end. That’s because we lost two years with Covid. People are like, ‘Oh my God. This tour…”Well, yeah, there are two years that didn’t count.”

At that moment, Paul points out that there are many countries in which Kiss has to say goodbye to its fans, including those that, as is our case, have required their return after the first dates of the tour: “It’s a very big world. There have been some countries where I thought we were done, but the fans and promoters wanted us to come back. So we have shows to do.”

“The end is more in sight than some believe. But we will have an announcement about it in the not too distant future”says Paul before noting that the United States, and possibly New York are the final destinations for Kiss: “It would only make sense for us in the United States, and I think it would make sense for us to end up where we started.”

The memory of the beginnings with Gene Simmons He returns to thinking about what the last concert will be like: “There will be some tears shed, for sure. You have to remember that Gene and I started this together when I was 17 and he was 20 or 21. It’s been 50 years. We’ve lived very interesting lives, we have families and children and great record sales. and concerts. So it’s a big part of who we are; it’s a big part of our lives. So, that final show, yeah, it’s momentous. And it’s going to hit harder than I think we think. And we know that It’s going to hit hard.”

Paul leaves open the possibility of future sporadic concerts or even a final Las Vegas residency: “I can’t really say. But this will be the last of any kind of regular shows or tours.”

The Starchild ends his reflection by remembering how demanding a Kiss show is: “Physically, it’s exhausting to do what we do. Fuck, if I could go on stage in jeans and a T-shirt, I’d give us another 10-15 years easily. But what we do is a totally different sport. We’re athletes; we run around the stage with 10 or 15 kilos of equipment, and it’s not possible to do it much longer. So we’re not like other bands. “So, will we do more shows? I have no idea. But we are very clear that the days of touring and doing those kinds of shows are over.”

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Paul Stanley says the end of Kiss’s farewell tour is ‘more in sight than some people realize’, but it opens up to more sporadic concerts –