Paul McCartney supports Johnny Depp at a concert

Paul McCatrney showed his support for Johnny Depp, who is currently in a legal dispute with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Paul McCartney supports Johnny Depp and makes it known at a concert | Source: diffusion

Legendary singer and former bassist for The Beatles, Paul MCCARTNEY, has returned to the stage after a long hiatus due to the global pandemic. Thus, he has started his new tour of the United States, where recently, in one of his massive concerts, he has shown his support for Johnny Depp in the current trial that the actor lives against his ex-wife and also actress, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard

As is known, since April 11, Johnny Depp is in a legal dispute against Amber Heard, in the courts of Fairfax Country, in Virginia, United States. The actor accuses her ex-wife of defamation, after an opinion piece from 2018, where Heard mentions having suffered from “domestic violence” in her past marriage.

After that, throughout the trial, which has been in the public eye for more than 4 weeks, it has shown totally stormy moments that the couple experienced. Above all, for the episodes of violence presented by both movie stars.

Thus, many people throughout this stage have shown their support for Amber Heard or Johnny Depp. In recent weeks, Internet users have even campaigned to prevent Heard from reprising her role as “Mera” in the sequel to “Aquaman”, thus supporting Depp, who is currently banned from major production houses such as Disney. and Warner Bros.

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at a concert on his new tour

Paul McCartney endorses Johnny Depp

It seems that Paul MCCARTNEY He also joins the people who support Johnny Depp, in his controversial trial between his ex-wife Amber Heard.

In a recent concert, the legendary British singer appeared at a concert in Seattle, Washington, for the aforementioned new tour that is taking place throughout North America, called “Get Back”, in which he recalled Johnny Depp at a time of the massive touch.

Paul MCCARTNEY He was reciting the song “My Valentine”, where the renowned former member of the Liverpool Four played the piano under the affection of his followers. It is at that moment that the video clip of the song was placed on the giant screen of the stage, where Depp appears starring for a moment, performing sign language and later playing the guitar.

In this way, Paul showed his support for the Hollywood star. It should be noted that very few figures from the North American entertainment scene have presented his opinion or his support for Johnny Depp. Of course, although McCartney has not said anything about it, his support for the renowned actor is evident.

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Paul McCartney supports Johnny Depp at a concert