Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at a concert on his new tour

Paul MCCARTNEY he returned to the stage and did a duet with John Lennon, thanks to technology.

Paul McCartney brought John Lennon to life at a concert on his new tour | Source: diffusion

Paul MCCARTNEY he returned to concerts in a big way, and he had no better idea than to bring back his legendary partner from “The Beatles”, John Lennon, with whom he did a duet, thanks to the technology present in the show, to the amazement of the millions of fans.

Paul McCartney on his new tour

After delaying and altering its calendar due to the situation that was afflicting the world, due to the global pandemic, Paul MCCARTNEY He returned to the stage through his new tour in the United States, called “Got Back Tour 2022”. Said tour promises to bring many surprises, as was seen in its first performance on stage last weekend.

The legendary musician, recognized for being a remembered member of “The Beatles”, began his tour on the North American stages, taking Washington DC as his starting point, where he gave a recital of 36 songs, among which his greatest hits were present. his entire solo career.

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Paul McCartney duet with John Lennon

The former Beatle did not keep any surprises in his first concert, and as the great legendary star that he is, he returned to the stage with great and emotional moments.

One of the most impressive, and that caused astonishment to his millions of followers present at the concert in Washington, was nothing more and nothing less when he brought to life his remembered partner from Liverpool, John Lennon.

Paul MCCARTNEYthrough technology and the projector that was present on stage, performed a duet with the late singer and did a magnificent duet interpreting “I’ve got a Feeling”, a memorable song that, as is known, they recorded together .

The 79-year-old singer used footage from Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” to bring John Lennon to life for the dream duet.

“Wow that’s all I can say, they’ve been a fantastic audience for our opening night”commented Paul MCCARTNEYafter finishing his staging.

Without a doubt, a moment that his thousands of followers will never forget, especially those who were present at the first concert of the legendary British musician’s “Got Back Tour 2022” tour.

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Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at a concert on his new tour