Paul Di’Anno returns to Mexico on March 25 to perform the albums “Iron Maiden” and “Killers” | El Club Del Rock

The renowned British vocalist, Paul Andrews better known as Paul Di’Anno will be presented in Mexico on March 25.

The forum twenty eight will be the recent witness of the interpretation that the great Paul Di’Anno It will make the two albums he recorded with Iron Maiden, “Iron Maiden” and “Killers” which will sound in their entirety.

Tickets are already on sale in general pre-sale at a cost of $800.00 (Limited to the first 106 tickets sold) through bulletin.

Paul Di'Anno in Mexico
Paul Di’Anno in Mexico

Paul Di’Anno

Paul Di’Anno Together with Iron Maiden, he achieved great notoriety on the scene and was a fundamental point in the rapid rise of the band in their first two albums, Iron Maidenfrom 1980, and killersfrom 1981.

In the same way, since 1983 he began his solo career where he has released a total of seven studio albums and in parallel put together other projects such as Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone, a band he formed at first with the incorporation of John Hurley and John Wiggins. on guitars, Bob Falck on drums and Pete West on bass.

Another band he formed was Killers in which he decided to work with Steve Hopgood on drums, Cliff Evans and Nick Burr (Clive Burr’s brother) on guitars and Gavin Cooper on bass.

In 2014, he announced the creation of his new band called Architects of Chaoz with which he released the album The League of Shadows. Band that he had to leave in 2016 due to health problems.

He has also participated in different tributes to bands like Nazareth, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, UFO and works using the songs of Iron Maidno.

Currently, Paul Di’Anno is touring Latin America with his The Beat Resurrection Tour 2023, where only one date is for Mexico City, this March 25.


See you there!

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Paul Di’Anno returns to Mexico on March 25 to perform the albums “Iron Maiden” and “Killers” | El Club Del Rock