Patrick Cartney (The Black Keys) does not suspend concerts, but his divorce

Patrick Carneybattery of the Black Keysand the singer-songwriter Michelle Branch have reached an agreement to suspend their divorce proceedings for at least six months, as reported by NME.

Last month, Branch confirmed that the two artists were separating after three years of marriage. Shortly after, Branch filed for divorce from Carney, arguing that there were “irreconcilable differences” Between both.

Now, a court order from a Tennessee judge indicates that the divorce process “is suspended without prejudice” for six months.

“During the period of suspension the parties may participate in counseling services to effect reconciliation and/or may resume living together as husband and wife”The court order continues.

“Your acts and conduct in doing so shall not be found to condone any prior misconduct and all acts or actions of the parties prior to the issuance of this order shall stand and constitute grounds for divorce.”

To win a divorce proceeding, Tennessee law requires spouses to plead grounds such as adultery, abandonment, or uncontested irreconcilable differences.

In August, Branch confirmed the couple’s separation in the following statement: “Saying I’m totally devastated doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel about myself and my family.”

“Now I must figure out how to move forward. With children this young, I ask for privacy and kindness.”

At the time, Branch was also reported to have posted, and later deleted, a tweet accusing Carney of being unfaithful.

Branch was arrested on a domestic assault charge the day before she filed for divorce. The artist would have slapped the drummer at her house in Nashville “once or twice”. Despite everything, the case was filed.

Branch and Carney met at a Grammys party in 2015, and began dating while working on Branch’s 2017 album together. ‘Hopeless Romantic’, which Carney co-wrote and co-produced. They got married in April 2019 and have two children: a son born in 2018 and a daughter born in February of this year.

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Patrick Cartney (The Black Keys) does not suspend concerts, but his divorce