‘Patria y Vida’, Song of the Year and Best Urban Song of 2021 at the Latin Grammys

“Homeland and life”, the musical theme that has become the anthem of citizen protests against the Cuban regime after its premiere last February, won the award for Song of the Year and Best Urban Song on Thursday at the award ceremony of the Latin Grammy Awards 2021.

Yotuel dedicated the award to Cuba and his mother, who, he said, told him: “Have the courage to do what my generation did not do,” and also to the Cuban rapper Maykel Castillo “Osorbo”, one of the interpreters of the song who has been in prison in Cuba since May.

Descemer Bueno, for his part, dedicated it to all the political prisoners in jails on the island.

Minutes before, the Cubans performed the song on stage at the awards gala. Dressed in white in solidarity with the Civic Day for Change in Cuba, they remembered “Osorbo” and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, also a prisoner.

Earlier, during the Premiere of the 22nd edition of the awards, which started shortly after noon at the Michelob Ultra Arena, in Las Vegas, USA, 45 of the 53 awards of the largest American festival of music in Spanish and Portuguese, EFE reported.

In that gala, Spanish actress and singer Beatriz Luengo received the award for Best Urban Song for the song, which went viral since its premiere in February and already exceeds nine million views.

“That town was the one that made that song a Grammy nominee”, commented from the prison of 5 and 1/2, in Pinar del Río, “Osorbo”, in a phone call to which DIARIO DE CUBA had access.

“That song was not made for personal taste, it was made for the taste of the people and it is for them,” he said, and he dedicated it to the people “who sang that song in the streets.”

In addition, in the ceremony prior to the final gala the Cuban pianist, composer and producer Ivan “Melon” Lewis, based in Spain since 1998, won the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album.

They were joined Gloria Estefan, who won Best Contemporary Tropical Album for Brazil 305, and the Aragón Orchestra, which in collaboration with Alain Pérez and Issac Delgado won the Best Traditional Tropical Album by Cha cha chá: Tribute to the traditional.

Upon receiving the award for Brazil 305, producer Emilio Estefan dedicated the award to “a free Cuba.”

The Cuban guitarist Manuel Barrueco also won the award for Best Contemporary Classical Work / Composition for Music From Cuba And Spain, Sierra: sonata para guitarra, by the composer Roberto Sierra.

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‘Patria y Vida’, Song of the Year and Best Urban Song of 2021 at the Latin Grammys