Patentte Releases ‘Moralis Inordinatio’

Patentte is a Colombian metal band made up of Carlos Vargas on vocals, Sheik Cantillo on guitar, Camilo Roa on bass and Juan Ortiz on drums. The project was born in Bogotá in 2019 with the purpose of generating an innovative proposal in the genre and with a lot of criteria and authenticity, as the name of the group indicates: Patentte alludes to unique and characteristic music and sounds patented by the band.

Patentte Releases ‘Moralis Inordinatio’ 5

Patentte’s musical proposal is based on a philosophical and existential content in his lyrics, always seeking to give value to the will, transgressing social items with a colloquial language. At a musical level, the band makes an academic analysis to understand music from the beginning of classic metal in order to give its proposal a starting point at a conceptual and musical level.

«In his songs, Patentte criticizes and calls for the art of understanding and analysis of the human condition, freedom, individual responsibility, emotions and the meaning of life itself. Being is wanting and everything is the will of being», comments the group with musical influences from the extreme sounds of metal and an influence from the roots of thrash, groove, slam, death, speed, numetal and hardcore.

‘Moralis Inordinatio’ is Patentte’s debut EP, a work with a theme that revolves around philosophical content that seeks to raise awareness of the way of being, its virtues and defects, but, above all, its critical thinking.

With this production, the Bogota band wants to make visible the immense musical talent that exists in rock and metal in Colombia. In addition, empower people based on critical thinking with ideals and responsibilities in their actions, inviting them to create identity and autonomy in their decisions.

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Patentte Releases ‘Moralis Inordinatio’