Passion for motorcycles, cumbia 420 and the origin of his nickname: who is “El Noba”, the singer who is fighting for his life today

“El Noba”, a benchmark of Cumbia 420

Tuesday afternoon, Lautaro Colonelbetter known as “The Noba”suffered a violent traffic accident in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, which is why he had to be transferred to a hospital. “His condition is desperate”they explained to Infobae just hours after the unfortunate episode. The sinister road that left the musician seriously injured, lying on the asphalt, was filmed by neighbors who witnessed it, and they uploaded the videos to social networks.

The 25 year old is a ragpicker from the southern suburbs. His nickname comes from the phrase “No Bajo Ni Con Pasta”, for his addiction to painkillers. He was born into a family of masons, during his adolescence he worked on construction sites and made deliveries to survive. He did his first studies in a private school, but he repeated and then he left to buy a motorcycle -another great passion that identifies him-, as he himself recognized. He then tried to resume, but just found out that he was going to become a father. “I was finishing school and one day a girl from Solano spoke to me. And there I went, to scam myself. Today, Because of that experience, I have a daughter”, he had explained in an interview with the site The Planting.

In 2019 I was in a construction site until everything was cut. Then came the pandemic that threw everything back and that’s when I empowered myself with the networks. I made funny videos because I am a very charismatic character”, he had added in dialogue with We continue in El Twelvea magazine of the Cordovan signal.

The truth is that each time he began to have more followers and began to project his career in music. “They laughed at me, but I knew I was going to sing too,” had remembered. Until one day he received a message from DJ Alan Gómez, organizer of the Fiesta DeTurreo: they invited him to be host. And some time later, he got together with Diamante Ayala, a Florencio Varela rag picker, and in that meeting, he began to prepare his first sketch of “Tamo Chelo”which he later completed thanks to the help of infinitethe owner of a radio car, who became a kind of manager.

The video clip Tamo Chelo by El Noba

That theme was his hit and the one that led him to popularity. The title represents happiness of the worker who has just received his fortnight, and already has almost 17 million views on Youtube. From then on, his schedule began to explode with shows. She even managed to join the same record label as L-Ghent Y cousin dog, artists with whom he also shares a gender, since he is also considered a singer of “Cumbia 420″. Later, other successes followed such as “Of the year”, what was it number one trending on YouTube.

Just when he was about to start realizing his dream of having his own house – just a few days ago he announced on his networks that he had bought land to build it -, fate played a trick on him and today he is fighting for his life. Around 9:30 p.m. yesterday, he learned from official sources that, after the accident, the musician’s diagnosis was “brain death”. However, the Director of Mi Pueblo Hospital, Cesar Morenotold the press that he will be transferred to the El Cruce health center, that he has a brain clot and that it is operable: “He is stabilized and arrived unconscious”.


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Passion for motorcycles, cumbia 420 and the origin of his nickname: who is “El Noba”, the singer who is fighting for his life today