Paola Jara refused to receive a kiss from a fan in concert because her husband scolded her

Paola Jara lived an uncomfortable but fun moment during one of her presentations this weekend. Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj

Undoubtedly, popular music singers have stolen the show in national entertainment and why not, also in the international arena. And it is that those who attend their concerts dream of getting on stage to take a picture with them and even steal a kiss from them as happened with pipe good in one of his presentations, which led him to be the target of criticism for not respecting his relationship with Luisa Fernanda W..

Every weekend, artists like Yeison Jimenez Y Jessica Uribe they have several presentations in the different municipalities of the country that celebrate their popular festivals and this was the case of Paola Jarawho has become one of the most acclaimed artists by the public. However, the artist did not have a curious fact that was presented this Saturday, October 15.

The artist performed at El Playón, Santander, attended by hundreds of fans who were enjoying the festivities to witness her show live. While she was pausing to interact from the stage with her followers, the artist received an unexpected surprise from a man who made her a somewhat particular request.

However, she knew how to handle the situation very well, since the man wanted her to give him a kiss although initially the man did not want it to be on her mouth, it was the public who made the request, which made the singer blush who replied: “Not with a beak because it makes me scold my husband”. So the man accepted that the postcard was with a beak on the cheek.

Next, the video of the fun episode between Paola Jara and one of her fans during the concert:

The artist pointed out that if she pleased her with her request, her husband would scold her and he did not hesitate to answer her on his social networks.

With peak not because it makes me scold my husband 😬😅 he was the #pjlovers🖤 ​​liveliest last night at the Playón 🎶🕺🕺🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for so much love!”was the text with which Paola Jara accompanied her publication.

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As he descends from the stage, one sees the man’s happiness at being able to fulfill his mission, which was to keep a photograph with the interpreter of Bad woman, Cheers to him Y Like nothing.

But Jessi Uribe noticed the funny moment and dared to tell him that he had no problem sharing some of his kisses with followers: “Give it quiet love that they give me more”, was the artist’s comment that also produced laughter.

Jessi Uribe responded to Paola Jara's publication with a follower who asked her for a kiss. Taken from Instagram @paolajarapj
Jessi Uribe responded to Paola Jara’s publication with a follower who asked her for a kiss. Taken from Instagram @paolajarapj

The comments on the artist’s publication that rests on her Instagram account, in which she accumulates more than 6.1 million followers, did not take long to appear in which some congratulated for having reacted maturely and not being misplaced at the request of your fan.

Business facet of Paola Jara

Paola Jara She has managed to develop a successful career as a popular music singer, however, just as other artists have done, the woman from Antioquia wanted to enter the business world and has a sportswear brand called ‘Paola Jara Fitwear’ .

Now, beyond the fact that her store exists in Colombia, the interpreter of ‘Murió el amor’ achieved another achievement in her business facet: opened a physical store in Miami, United States.

In this way, at the end of September, the Colombian singer shared a video in which she showed a “multi-brand store”; which includes a beauty salon and several Colombian clothing brands, including her own.


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Paola Jara refused to receive a kiss from a fan in concert because her husband scolded her