Pablo Alborán suspends his next concerts after testing positive for Covid-19

A few days ago we heard the news that Pablo Alborán announced a change of dates in the concerts that he had scheduled in Zaragoza for a sore throat. Now we have been able to know that what was a simple cold was really a infection by Covid-19. Thus we have been able to corroborate it through a publication from the profile of Instagram of the artist confirming the cancellation of other upcoming concertsas well as his medical part.

Days ago, Pablo Alborán announced among his followers who suffered from throat infectionwhich forced him to cancel concerts which was scheduled to be held in the city of Zaragoza on April 27 and 28. A suspension that responded to the medical recommendations to keep absolute rest and that the artist himself regretted for giving notice with such little time. Still, those Zaragoza concerts had a new date celebration and would be a month later than planned.

However, to everyone’s surprise, a few hours ago it was known a new cancellation. From his Instagram profile, it has been reported that Pablo Alborán’s 2022 theater tour was going to suffer a break again, this time affected La Coruña, temporarily. The concerts that would take place in La Coruña on May 1 and 2 would be suspended until further notice so that the artist could fully recover.

In this way, the tickets sold for these dates will be valid for future appointments. Although all those who cannot attend or who wish to recover their money may request a refund. Despite this, in the statement itself it has also been made clear that the artist is well within the disease and that he only has mild symptoms. In addition, the publication has also emphasized that Pablo Alborán is looking forward to recovering to resume his professional commitments as quickly as possible.

However, this It is not spring time that the artist suffers from Covid-19since as he himself commented on the La Resistencia program, he was already infected with the virus last 2020, where he had more serious symptoms than on this second occasion.

From LOS40 we wish you one speedy and satisfactory recovery so that as soon as possible he can resume his professional tour, a show that is taking him to visit different theaters in different Spanish cities and in which he is getting to know a much closer Pablo.

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Pablo Alborán suspends his next concerts after testing positive for Covid-19