Organizer of jaripeos and concerts hopes to reopen in the summer with sanitation measures

Organizer of jaripeos and concerts hopes to reopen in the

Rancho El Centenario is preparing to open its doors in July due to the pandemic.PNG

HILLSBORO, Pray. – With more counties at a minimum risk level, venues for events such as concerts and jaripeos could reopen in compliance with sanitation measures.

Manuel Molina, owner of Rancho El Centenario Y La Norteña Entertainment is preparing to host its first public event since the pandemic began.

“We have more groups scheduled, but the key piece is in July, because in July we will see if it will open definitively or we will have to wait a little longer,” explained Molina.

Although most of the events at this Hillsboro site are scheduled outdoors, sanitation measures will be taken into account. “Following the rules with masks, heals distance and it is what we do and it is what we can do.”

There is no date for the first concert yet.

The organizer says that they will have a limit of tickets available to comply with the capacity rules.

“A certain amount of tickets is going to be sold, that way we realize how many people enter. And another thing, the security elements that always have to be in events and we always have to check the people who come in that way, we keep the number of people we want to have ”.

If in July they are forced to cancel the event due to the risk level change, Molina said they will be reimbursing the cost of the tickets.

He added that they want to encourage people to get vaccinated and thus be able to enjoy events that they plan to schedule and for this they have plans to hold a raffle for those who get vaccinated.

“What we want to do is give away a VIP table, tickets, photos with the artist, all that, if they show us when we started with the promotion, show us the vaccination card.”

The announcement of the events will be made on social networks.