On video: Mayor Quintero was booed at Maluma’s concert

During Maluma’s concert at Atanasio Giradot, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, received boos and rejection from some attendees of the musical event.

The moment was recorded on video. “Out, out”some spectators yell at the local president while they throw water at him and make obscene signs at him. In the recording, Quintero tries to respond to the attacks with dialogue, but is dragged away by his escorts.

Mayor Quintero did have the opportunity to exchange words with the influencer and model Alejandra Navarro. In her Instagram stories, the woman commented on the brush.

“Yesterday’s concert was incredible, It’s a shame that the mayor we have has such an arrogant and self-centered attitude in front of people who don’t want him that much,” Navarro said.

According to the story of the influencer, Quintero approached her twice and said: “You are here for me.”

“We had to tell him to please leave, because it was not to our liking,” Navarro pointed out.

In the afternoon, the local president trilled about this fact, minimizing it and indicating that the boos came from only two boxes. Of course, the mayor did not waste an opportunity to launch a puja to his detractors.

“They were aggressive, they threw water and touched my face. I responded with respect and understanding for his level of alcoholism and for understanding that a mayor of change offends those who believed themselves to be the bosses of the city,” Quintero wrote.

Another point of controversy was carried by Diana Osorio, first lady. This because she, apparently, invited the content creators Lalis and Mafe Carrascal –criticism of the paisa singer– to the show this Saturday in Medellín.

To the concert “Medellín on the map” by Maluma 52,000 attended people and lasted for three hours.

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On video: Mayor Quintero was booed at Maluma’s concert