On July 15, 2022 Brunella Torpoco and Josimar together on stage – Washington Hispanic

On July 15, 2022, salsa lovers are having fun and will be able to enjoy seeing two of the great performers of that genre together for the first time, Brunella Torpoco and Josimar y su Yambú.

Such an event occurs to celebrate the National Holidays of Peru in El Ranchon ‘of Woodbridge, the show will start at 9:00 pm.

On Brunella Torpoco is a Peruvian singer and songwriter, who in 2021 ventured into the dance scene in her country as a salsa performer. She was born in Callao, Peru.

He has quickly had an impact on the salsa movement in his country, due to his voice and his particular style of singing to love or spite in his interpretations of popular music.

She was baptized by critics and the Peruvian salsa audience, as La Ronquita De La Salsa. She has gained importance in the music scene with songs like “Bad man”.

Brunella Torpoco She comes from a humble family. She began singing alongside her father, who is a musician, in small musical groups that served as her school.

The first themes of Brunella Torpoco were adaptations of songs that were originally performed by greats of the genre, her most important musical influence has been the famous Cuban singer Celia Cruz.

In 2021, Brunella Torpoco became known in the Peruvian salsa music scene with several singles. They stand out among them: “I played your role”, “Honest customs”, “Conceited and bad lover”besides the song «sonera»

He also published the albums “The House of Salsa, Vol. 1”, “Spite Sauce” Y “tasty sauce”.

It is also a message, a visual and gestural performance, which reaches different audiences with its own characteristics, even using the same instruments that serve as its base.

Brunella Torpoco has quickly had an impact on the salsa movement in her country, due to her voice and her particular style of singing to love or spite in her interpretations of popular dance music. The ease and naturalness that she shows on stage have placed her in a short time in the preferences of many Peruvian salsa fans.

La Ronquita De La Salsa, as she affectionately begins to be known, continues to reap successes that provide solidity to her nascent musical career within her homeland.

At the same time, she has begun to appear on the international scene, with concert tours that accredit her as one of the exponents of her generation with the greatest potential.

About Josimar, the Peruvian singer who enjoys great popularity singing salsa and also performs songs by Juan Gabriel is known as the ‘King of Salsa Perucha’ recently launched his new production for salsa lovers in the world, entitled “EL BEGINNING ”, under the seal of Colombian master Diego Galé.

In this album we will be able to listen to unreleased songs in the salsa genre, with “covers” by Juan Gabriel, Samuel Hernández and Jhonny Rivera that add two songs with the collaboration of Miguel Laine and was recorded in Miami FL and was prepared for almost 9 months .

Josimar is a Peruvian singer and songwriter whose 20-year career in music with productions alongside prominent musicians such as Isidro Infante, former director of the Fania All Stars, Yeison Jiménez and Tito Nieves, are part of his history.

Winner of the best salsa voice in Peru 2019 and Soniem Awards 2019, as well as nominated for the 2020 heat awards for ‘Best Artist’, whose hits ‘Con la misma Moneda’, ‘La mejor de todos’, ‘Because a man doesn’t cry ‘ and ‘El aventurero’ add up to more than 300 million views, conquering Colombia, Argentina, the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, Chile, Mexico and Peru, which is his heart where he is called ‘The king of perucha sauce’.

Currently 2022 is listed as the most international singer that Peru has.

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On July 15, 2022 Brunella Torpoco and Josimar together on stage – Washington Hispanic