June 29, 2021

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Olivia Rodrigo conquers TWICE’s Nayeon with her music

Olivia Rodrigo conquers TWICEs Nayeon with her music

There is no doubt that Olivia Rodrigo’s career achieved great success with her debut album. This singer’s talent reached all the way to South Korea, and TWICE’s Nayeon proves it.

After making his way into the world of music with the single Drivers License, this California-born singer did not take long to release her first record material under the name of SOUR, The album includes a total of 11 songs and, although good 4 u was one of the favorites, one of the quieter songs captivated one of the members of TWICE.

The idols just released Alcohol Free and promoted on Korean TV music shows, but recently Momo Y Nayeon greeted their fans in a fun-filled live broadcast.

These singers talked about all the news they have for ONCE, but they also included the song Already seen from Olivia rodrigo to liven up the transmission.

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Nayeon covers Olivia Rodrigo

When Deja Vu started ringing on one of the idols’ phones in TWICE, Nayeon began to interpret the verses composed by Olivia rodrigo and he moved his fans because of the charm of his voice and the emotional melody.

Already seen tells the story of a girl who remembers all the fun things she used to do with her ex, but now he seems to follow the same routine with his new girlfriend, so it stops looking like something special.

So much TWICE What Olivia rodrigo have proven to have an important presence in the world of music, that’s why after listening to the cover of Nayeon some fans didn’t hesitate to mention how great it would be to hear a song with both voices.

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