OFJ kicks off third season with works by Brahms, Prokofiev and Bacewiz

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The Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra (OFJ) begins this Thursday, October 6, its third season of concerts which will end on November 27 with a program in which he will perform works by Brahms, Prokofiev and Bacewiz.

“It is an unmissable season because we will have very good teachers who join the great convener that is our Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra (OFJ), I think that this third season of the year will allow us interesting walks by interesting composers like Brahms, from whom we follow celebrating the 125th anniversary of death. We will do British, Russian, 20th century music, interesting guest batons such as Roberto Beltrán Zavala, José Areán, Inés Rodríguez, Juan Montoya and Enrique Radillo”, explained José Luis Castillo, director of the group.

All the concerts are part of a common thread that will weave moments with which they hope to conquer the public.

“We start the season with the Symphony no. 1, op. 68 by Johannes Brahms and we will finish it with the Third Symphony by Brahms so we will have played all four symphonies at the end. Is Symphony no. 1, op. 68 It is a monument to symphonic music that reflects the great moment of full Romanticism in which symphonic writing meets all the requirements that we know as the great Romanticism, a large, wide score, with noble lines, with great quotes from Beethoven but with the eyes posts in the future. I hope the interpretation that we are achieving with the OFJ will be unforgettable for the attendees”.

The concert will start with the Overture for orchestra by the composer and violinist Grazyna Bacewicz, composed in times of war, with occupied Poland. He will pass by Shari Manson, violinist, with whom they are preparing a violin concerto no. 1, op. 19, which is one of the first written by Sergei Prokofiev for violin and orchestra.

“Without fear of being wrong, it is one of the best pages written for concerto writing of all time, a prodigy of orchestration, an overwhelming melodic exquisiteness, it has moments of textures, of perfumes, of moments in which the melodic line of the soloist really it plans over the entire orchestra in an exceptional way”, he detailed.


Shari Mason, guest violinist, soloist of the Violin Concerto no. 1, op. Sergei Prokofiev’s 19 explained the dedication he has given to this show as well as the expectations he has from playing with OFJ.

“I started working on this concert ten years ago. It was ten years ago that I performed it for the first time, in fact I have performed it with José Luis with other orchestras and it is the first time that I will do it with the OFJ. Just this Wednesday was my first rehearsal with the OFJ. The first time I run the work, I feel more stressed, with greater expectations regarding the acoustics, I feel a certain pressure to make a good impression among colleagues. I had heard many positive comments from the OFJ and now I confirm them. There is a very nice feedback, I feel that the orchestra responds to the speech that in this first rehearsal it tries to build, it is a very nice energy, that is priceless, I am very happy”, he assured.

Mason who said that by chance he will play this concert again next November with the Mining Symphony Orchestra (OSM) directed by Carlos Miguel Prieto.

“The work is a score that is not played as much and that always leaves me with a feeling that I can exploit it even more. It is a technically very difficult work, Prokofiev wrote it with a great Polish violinist of the time in mind: Paul Kochanski and worked on the concerto with him. The concerto is very virtuoso, very difficult and makes the violin look great. It’s not just all the virtuosity and the spectacular that it achieves in some fragments. The most difficult are the colors that Prokofiev asks for, the texture of the orchestra, the voices. The first thing he writes on the score as an indication is ‘dreaming’, everyone dreams in a very different way, it is a fantasy, a fairy tale and that dream is transformed. The challenge is how do you think about it a century after it was written and how do you convey that dream to the audience and the orchestra”.

The appointment is this Thursday, October 6 at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at the Degollado Theater. More information can be found on the site http://ofj.com.mx/.

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OFJ kicks off third season with works by Brahms, Prokofiev and Bacewiz