June 10, 2021

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O Son do Camiño Perseidas Manual: ticket prices, requirements and how to buy them – Metropolitano

O Son do Camino Perseidas Manual ticket prices requirements and

O Son do Camiño reveals its official prices. After announcing the official poster, composed of 18 artists and eleven appointments throughout the summer, it is time to know the prices of each of the concerts that make up the program, which, remember, is independent from the large-format festival, since this is a special edition motivated by the pandemic and baptized as “O Son do Camiño Perseidas ”.

This Wednesday the organization of the festival has made public the official prices of each of the recitals that will take place at the O Monte do Gozo venue, in Santiago de Compostela, as well as the purchase methods and the protocols and safety regulations to enjoy these summer concerts in Galicia.

Prices of the concerts of O Son do Camiño Perseidas

The price of each of the concerts varies in a range that goes from 30 euros for the cheapest to 53 euros for the most expensive, which will be Raphael’s recital scheduled for August 1. Below you can check the price of the tickets for each of the concerts.

  • July 14. Rozalén + Guadi Galego: from 33 euros
  • July 15. Camilo + Pablo Lesuit: from 38 euros
  • July 16. Andrés Suárez + Xoel López + Sabela: from 31 euros
  • July 17th. Old Morla + Furious Monkey House: from 38 euros
  • July 22. Ara Malikian: from 43 euros
  • July 24. Beret + David Rees: from 33 euros
  • July 29. Estopa: from 40 euros
  • July 30. Izal + Maren: from 36 euros
  • August 1st. Raphael: from 53 euros
  • August 7th. Loquillo: from 30 euros
  • August 8. Melendi: from 35 euros

Will there be different zones and prices?

Yes. The venue will be divided into five sectors and each of them will have a different price. The auditorium will be divided into “Trinidad”, “Camino Francés”, “Faxeira”, “Algalia” and “Mazarelos”, as well as a “Premium” space in front of the stage.

O Son do Camino Perseidas Manual ticket prices requirements and

Can you go in groups?

Yes, concerts will be enjoyed sitting in groups of 1, 2 or 4 people. Although related groups may be located nearby.

Is the entry of the 2021 edition useful?

No. The tickets for the Perseids 2022 edition are independent of the tickets for the 2022 edition of the festival and its postponed editions. Tickets purchased for the 2021 edition will be automatically valid for the 2022 edition. Those who prefer to request a refund of the cost of the tickets may do so between June 17 and July 1, both days inclusive.

Are they non-transferable?

The entries are nominative and the necessary data will be required for each one of them. During the concerts, the current regulations regarding masks, social distance and established safety protocols will be followed.

Where can they be bought?

Tickets will only be on sale through the official Web. The sale will begin this Friday at 10:00 am.

Will there be a physical box office?

No, due to COVID regulations there will be no physical box office and online sales will continue until 30 minutes after the start of the main artist’s concert.