Nio García separates from Flow la Movie after disagreements with the record company

The urban artist Nio García made the decision to separate himself from the future actions of the Flow la Movie record label, a company that remained in the hands of Ilianes Ruiz, mother of the producer José A. Hernández, artistically known as Flow La Movie, who died in December in a plane crash.

Expressions shared through a press release establish that Flow la Movie “was a fundamental pillar in Nio García’s artistic career, he was the man who trusted his talent the most and supported him from day one, making a duo of which international successes and world records of reproduction on digital platforms emerged”. However, after his death, the urban exponent has gone through a series of situations at a professional level that have caused him frustration.

A letter from his legal representative, Edwin Prado, addressed to Ruiz, states that “you have publicly expressed your intention to destroy Nio’s career”, in addition to using social networks to target García, among other accusations.

Below are the expressions sent through their media contact, NV Marketing:

“Today the landscape is different. After the tragic death of Flow la Movie, who was the CEO of the company with the same name and Manager of Nio García, the music company passed into the hands of Mrs. Ilianes Ruiz, a person who was never involved in any of the affairs of Nio’s career when his son was alive and unfortunately he has no knowledge of the music industry. This forced transition has made it impossible to release the artist’s new LP, as well as two music videos that had already been approved by Flow La Movie before his death.

The panorama of frustration in which the artist has been involved, for not being able to present new music to his fans, has made him make the painful decision to announce his disassociation from the record label that gave birth to his artistic career, to move to exclusive management. with the company GLAD Empire, a company that notoriously works with Flow La Movie since its inception and exclusively manages the distribution of the content already released by the label. Through this statement, it is also clarified that the only booking office authorized to sell dates worldwide, including territories such as Colombia and Mexico, is Sold Out Entertainment”, the statement mentions.

“The legacy of Flow la Movie will live on through all the songs that we made together and that continue to play worldwide. Flow The Movie is us. Those of us who created that brand. The goals of Nio Garcia and Movie were very clear before he died and it is unfortunate to see how the new administration has completely deviated from the goal. It’s time to start a new stage and I’m ready to make my fans happy with my music,” Nio Garcia said in written statements.

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Nio García separates from Flow la Movie after disagreements with the record company