Ninel Conde faces harsh criticism for interpreting ‘Provenza’ by Karol G and they say that she was “drowning”

Singer Ninel Count He recently offered a show in Mexico City, and as he has already done on several occasions, he returned to perform several of his songs as well as some covers, among them he highlighted ‘Provenza’ by Carol G.

The Mexican was one of the special guests of that night where she decided to include one of the most successful musical themes of the Colombian. In addition, she did it with the style that she has always been characterized by, and it is the group tone, while she was accompanied by her dancers.

The actress was also heavily criticized after her performance, and the comments against her were swift, as many Internet users They were expressing that she hasn’t really done very well with the topic of singing. One of the most striking was where they mentioned that he was drowning and that he would not have been able to finish the verse.

“Sit down, ma’am”, “Well, he never understood that she doesn’t sing”, “He didn’t even give us time to paint the house”, “He couldn’t stand the entire verse, he lost the air”you’re drowning“”, “One must know their limitations”, “You better get your son back”, “I didn’t even identify her”, “She doesn’t even sing her songs”, “my ear is bleeding“,”What a bad time to have ears”, “She doesn’t lack much, she lacks everything”, “She has no talent”, “Horrible“, “Let her be sued for destroying the song”, were some of the impressions.

However, the harsh criticism continued about what his artistic career would be. For this reason, they issued several expressions of her where they tell her that she is unprofessional, because in most cases she ends up interpreting more musical themes of others than of herself.

“So original! She claims to be a singer and always sings songs by other artists, why do the clowning around?

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Ninel Conde faces harsh criticism for interpreting ‘Provenza’ by Karol G and they say that she was “drowning”