Nine spectacular relaxing videos to put in the background on your 4K TV and create atmosphere during Christmas gatherings

The Christmas season is coming, a moment in which many of us take the opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends in meetings, dinners and gatherings almost infinite at home, very warm at the ideal temperature and sheltered from the cold winter.

It is usually a good time to put music or TV in the background creating atmosphere, although of course, the programming that they broadcast on these dates on DTT or even on pay channels may not always be the most appropriate to go unnoticed but at the same time give a warm feeling of harmony.

Therefore, today we propose a 4K video selection that we can use to put in the background on TV while we are having family gatherings at home to create christmas atmosphere, relax tensions and why not, spend time contemplating beautiful landscapes of the most inspiring.

Nature in its purest form

To begin with, if you are nature lovers you can opt for this spectacular video with forests, mountains and rivers recorded in 4K and with varied relaxing music in the background. Its duration is about two hours and it will undoubtedly transport us to other latitudes without leaving the room.

Traveling in Spain at 4K

If you love travel and you have middle route Spain, this video will show you some of our most emblematic places with spectacular aerial views and great definition in visual details. It is little more than an hour but very well used and with relaxed music in the background.

Traveling through the Alps in 4K

A video similar to the previous one but leaving the urban landscape and focusing mainly on the alps nature in all its glory. The duration is one hour and it also has background music.

Winter landscapes at 4K

Another interesting video to put in the background on TV is this one with different winter landscapes shot at 4K. Snow everywhere, forests, rivers and soft background music with a duration of eleven hours.

Antarctica 4K

If you liked the previous video, you will also love this one, since it is a route through Antarctica with untouched landscapes from a bird’s eye view and shot with superb image quality. It is just over an hour and it also has relaxing music in the background.

A great relaxing aquarium

Could not miss in the compilation a nice aquarium May it calm us down and hypnotize us with the soft murmur of the water and the movement of the fish. If you are lovers of this type of aquatic fauna, this video may be a good option to have in the background on TV.

A 4K fireplace in the living room

Another classic of the Christmas season are the virtual fireplaces, this time recorded in real time and in 4K with the logs actually being consumed. It does not have background music but there is ambient sound with the crackling of the fire.

The river of life

Another common in relaxing and environmental videos are those related to the flow of water in rivers and waterfalls natural. This one that I propose to you today is of Japanese origin, has a magnificent image quality and ambient sound and lasts about three hours with shots in different parts of the river.

Virtual room with background music

Finally, if what you want is something Christmas music With the sound of a fireplace in the background, you can opt for this video that simulates a virtual living room and in which different typical musics of these dates are broadcast. It is not as spectacular as the previous ones, but it can help us have a pleasant evening.

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Nine spectacular relaxing videos to put in the background on your 4K TV and create atmosphere during Christmas gatherings