Night of the Pencils: 45 years old, a music festival to “meet again”

The Federation of Secondary Students of Mar del Plata organized for this Thursday an artistic event in Plaza Miter.

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This Thursday, September 16, is the 45th anniversary of the “Pencil Night, a name that recalls the kidnapping of a group of high school students who, in the midst of the military dictatorship, carried out a fight for the student ticket in La Plata. This year, following the pandemic of covid -19, the Federation of Students Secondary from Mar del Plata decided to carry out a Music festival in Plaza Miter. With the memory of what happened in 1976 and the desire to celebrate the reunion is that they invite you to participate in the event that will feature artists from Mar del Plata and information stands with the participation of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

At the beginning of this year we saw that there was a need. Last year we could not do anything and it is something that has been needed. We always organize the march but this year due to the situation and organization we decided to hold this artistic meeting ”, he shared with How digital Tomas Marco, vice president of the Student Federation Secondary from Mar del Plata.

The music festival will take place this Thursday at 15 at the epicenter of Plaza Miter on Brown between Yrigoyen and Miter. After the act in commemoration of the Night of the Pencils, a festival with artists from Mar del Plata will begin. The festival will participate Shitstem, Nina Serravalle, Ornella Contreras and Juan Robles, among others.

At the same time, at the same time the student referent who is part of the organization explained that information points will be set up. “There will be issues that we believe are necessary for youth such as ESI (comprehensive sexuality education), counseling on the enrollment of the National University of Mar del Plata and there will also be the branch of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo to continue convening the community in the search, clarification and reconstruction of the facts, “he added.

In this context, he explained that the meeting point to address the Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI) It will be in charge of people related to the Health system, who will also be in charge of controlling compliance with health protocols. Regarding the point on academic training, it will be in charge of the National University of Mar del Plata with informative material about the careers and the registration methodology. The idea is also that tertiary institutes or with artistic orientation are added.

We see the need to meet, to get together at a festival which is something that has not happened for a long time. That the Kids have the chance to see artists, reunion and get informed. We are looking for something more from the enjoyment, there will be an act but it will not be the central thing. The central thing is going to be the festival ”, explained the student referent.

Finally, he noticed that the student organization was quite disjointed as a result of the pandemic of covid-19. Currently in the Student Federation Secondary from Mar del Plata Students from Antarctica Argentina actively participate, Specialized Secondary School N ° 1 Polyvalent of Art, Arturo Umberto Illia School, Leloir School, Technique 2, Pablo Tavelli Industrial Institute, Secondary School N ° 1 (former Pilot).

“The pandemic was a downturn because many students were left without containment, some they could not go to school, much less maintain a student center by Zoom. That greatly affected the number of student centers in the city ”, he highlighted. In this sense, the vice president of the Federation indicated that the objective is to rearm most of the student centers. “The festival is a way to reconvene the students and demonstrate that there is a secondary organization framework ”, he concluded.

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