Nicki Nicole was surprised to confirm her commitment to “Thunder”

Nicki Nicole confessed that she is engaged to her boyfriend Mateo Palacios, better known as Thunder.

The news was revealed by the singer while she was on a Twich broadcast with streamer Ibai, which led to an uproar on social media.

Among the comments made by the followers of this pair were surprising, because something that stood out was their age. The rapper is 19 years old and the interpreter of “Mamichula” is 20 years old.

In the Twich broadcast, the singer shared with the followers how the marriage proposal was, as Ibai asked her if she saw herself married soon. It was then that Nicki replied “actually yes, I already have the ring.”

(Photo: Instagram / Thunder)
(Photo: Instagram / Thunder)

For those who followed the transmission in real time, the future marriage of these two singers was a surprise and more for Nicki, who is in Spain to fulfill various commitments and who has taken the opportunity to go out with her friends, such as Ester Expósito.

“He wanted to do it on his terrace (of his house in Boca) so that the two bridges could be seen, I was a little scared of the height so I couldn’t. He would ask me to stop, he would tell me ‘I need you to stop,’ “Nicki told the broadcast.

Even though the marriage proposal was not what her boyfriend wanted, Nicki was even more surprised when she mentioned that she proposed three months after they formally left.

As for Thunder, he confirmed the news with a post on his social network.

Thunder, champion and idol of current rap: “I feel the voice of a lot of people who can not speak”

Thunder “I feel like I was born for this”

He was born in La Boca and there he grew up, between the sound of the Bombonera’s heartbeat and the rhymes that his father shared with him, Pedro Danger: a rapper Old School linked to hardcore and also to underground neighborhood culture. Theater, street, a little football, a touch of rock, tons of hip-hop: some of what runs through the DNA of Mateo Palacios, better known as Thunder.

While gaining popularity as freestyler FMS Argentina champion retired beating Papo; He also had a tour of A Cara de Perro, El Quinto Escalón and Red Bull, among other national and international competitions – he was sharpening the flow and the ear to become today one of the most listened to Argentine rap artists. A chapter in a story that begins like this: “We are a family of artists, by choice and by militancy. He grew up in the Catalinas Sur Theater Group, my old woman is a founding member and I worked for 30 years ”, says Pedro Peligro.

Pedro is also a rap teacher in “prisons and neighborhoods at risk, teaching work techniques so that a young man can carry this out. I have work methods that I found working with my son from the playfulness of rap, ”Danger revealed. And everything fits with the first thing Thunder -just got up, from the house of his girlfriend Nicki Nicole- he said by video call to Infobae: “I look back and the only thing I have is music, art. It has been with me since I was born. And it is the most important thing in life ”.

Unlike other artists of his generation, who tend to work solely on tracks, Thunder he also used music played by musicians. “There are many instruments. I owe that search to Taiu and to Tatool, who are the producers of the album and they took me to a level higher. I understand musically, but theoretically not so much. So I sing them the melodies that I want, I make them beatbox… I learned that from Michael Jackson: get an idea in your head, throw beatbox and after that they translate it. That instrument playing gives it a spin that is going to feel much more live, when we play it. It’s more real music”, He explained.