June 11, 2021

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Next July 16, the Telmex Auditorium will reopen its doors

Next July 16 the Telmex Auditorium will reopen its doors

The new reality after the COVID-19 pandemic has developed a change in habits in all sectors and the entertainment industry is no stranger; on the contrary, it is the one that has been most interested in reactivating itself as it has been one of the hardest hit.

And after more than a year of inactivity, the properties have started to reactivate, like the Telmex Auditorium which will open its doors on July 16 with the Luis Ángel show “El Flaco”. Yesterday, Tuesday, June 8, there was a media tour to learn about hygiene and healthy distance protocols.

When receiving the representatives of the media, it exemplified what it would be like to receive the public. When entering the property, there is a sanctifying mat and signs to preserve the distance. The collaborators of this enclosure take the temperature and ask people to use antibacterial gel, plus the recommendation to always wear the mask.

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SAFETY. The sale of food and beverages will have healthy distance protocols to avoid contact between seller and customer. FATILANO

To consume food and beverages, employees wear a mask and when dispensing the products they sanitize the area. There is also signage so that the distance prevails.

Fernando Favela, director of the Telmex Auditorium, recalled that so far the venue has been closed for 451 days and that they are ready to start in the first instance with a capacity of 50% by provision of the Health authorities, which represents approximately four thousand people.

He also said that probably next Friday will be notified about the events scheduled so far. The “90s Pop Tour” a few weeks ago announced that it would be in concert at Telmex on November 27.

It had previously been said that the auditorium’s patio would receive shows, but Favela shared that the shows that take place, for now, will be inside the building because they already have control of the health protocols there.

“Without a doubt it was going to be the most successful year of the Telmex Auditorium (2020), the year with the highest ticket sales, we started strong, but they cut us off, our game was over (due to the pandemic) and these 451 days without doing activity It has been terrible with the public, “he said. He also stressed that last December they had to separate personnel” and today we are doing many more functions than we did. “

On average there were seven events that were canceled and as for the request for the refund of money by the audience on other shows that have been postponed, it has been only a representation of 7%, Favela said.

In addition, he highlighted that the auditorium, after its sanitization processes, has the ability to hold events every day of the week since it is cleaned before any event and after it takes place.

During the meeting with the media, Luis Ángel also made an appearance to talk about his evening at Telmex: “Being at the opening of this important venue is my return to the stage in Mexico. I feel very happy, I want this place be as full as possible and that people enjoy. I hope a night full of affection, the fans have been anxious for months, “said the former member of Los Recoditos.




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