New year’s piano concert announced in Miami

MIAMI – With music and good energy, the composer Murray Hidary prepares a concert who welcomes the new year from Miami, at the Faena hotel on January 3. The event is part of the Modern OM Mondays series where those interested can have a meditative musical experience with MindTravel creator, Murray Hidary.

Murray will begin each month’s experience at the luxurious Faena Hotel cinema by facilitating a lively discussion on a topic related to the human condition. Along with your own teachings, you will share the wisdom of philosophers and thought leaders throughout history to open up a new perspective on the topic of the month.

Afterward, you’ll create an impromptu live piano tour in MindTravel’s signature style to allow these new ideas to sink into your awareness.

Murray Hidary is a multidisciplinary artist and technology pioneer. Through his MindTravel conscious experience, he shares his meditative piano compositions and walking meditations with tens of thousands of people.

The appointment is January 3, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Faena Hotel (3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach). Registration begins at 6:30 AM and please be punctual. Registration is at Tierra Santa Healing Spa on the third floor. You must bring a bottle of water. As for parking, there is valet service at the Faena hotel or in the municipal lot one block north of Faena.

Faena Rose & Modern OM members receive a preferential sales rate of tickets for this event.

About MindTravel

Created by composer and entrepreneur Murray Hidary, MindTravel features beautiful and provocative avant-garde real-time piano compositions, spontaneously improvised, infused with traditions of wisdom, theoretical physics, and the power of community uplift.

“MindTravel is an incredible introduction to meditation as it takes the Traveler on a specific journey. It is also perfect for the seasoned meditator as a way to enhance and deepen one’s practice. In short, Mind Travel is for anyone,” he said. Sara Ivanhoe, MA in Philosophy of Yoga.

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New year’s piano concert announced in Miami