New preview of “The Idol”, the HBO drama with The Weeknd

From the creator of “Euphoria,” starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, The Idol comes to HBO Max in 2023.

After the success euphorianow it’s on its way the idol, the new series created by Sam Levinson, The Weekend and Reza Fahim. The production of this drama is starring Lily-Rose Depp (hidden instincts), The Weekend himself and Troye Sivan (State Of Pride). The series will hit the screens of hbo max in 2023 but today teaser #3 came out with much more energy overflowing.

One of its creators, Levinson, He had already shown his great work and concern by exposing the problems of young people when in 2018 he launched assassin nation. then created euphoria, starring Zendaya, and now returns to the ring with The Idol; production that has many souls in suspense awaiting its premiere.

“The Idol” stars Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd. (HBO)

“With the music industry as a backdrop, the idol centers on a self-help guru and modern-day cult leader who enters into a complicated relationship with a rising pop idol”; points out the official synopsis of it.

At the beginning of the new trailer, you hear: “People, let’s make this dream come true. We need a hit”, says the director of a video that is about to be made by the young protagonist and star, named Jocelyn. Then the voice of The Weeknd, who will characterize the other leading character with whom the girl falls in love, who asserts: “The angels are where all the monsters in the world gather. Trust nobody”. This, among a lot, but a lot of pressure, sensuality, sex, drugs, “love” and more.

Black Pink's Kim Jennie will be part of the cast of "the idol". (HBO)
Black Pink’s Kim Jennie will be part of the cast of “The Idol”. (HBO)

According to Francesca Orsy, executive vice president of programming HBO, In a statement he referred to the idol as “a subversive and revealing version of the cult of music”. Orsi He also announced that this new production is different from everything that HBO had done before and that is why they feel very identified with the project.

In addition to The Weeknd and Rose Depp, the idol It has brilliant and youthful figures from the cinema, TV and even music such as Troye Sivan (erased heart), Debby Ryan (Jessi)Rachel Sennott (Call Your Mother), Steve Zissis (happy day of your death 2), Hari Nef (Assassin Nationa), Juliebeth Gonzalez and even Kim Jenny, one of the members of the famous South Korean group BlackPink; among many other secondary actors.

"the idol" will hit HBO Max screens in 2023. (HBO)
“The Idol” will hit HBO Max screens in 2023. (HBO)

At the moment, there is no exact release date yet. The Idol. While it arrives, we recommend you to see hidden instincts, another HBO Max production with Lily-Rose-Deppexuberant with fear, lust and hunger for power.


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New preview of “The Idol”, the HBO drama with The Weeknd