New Music Friday: Becky G & Karol G, Coldplay & Selena Gomez & Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us that is going to make us change our mood from one moment to another. We start with the Friday party, to continue with a romantic date or with friends to celebrate in advance Valentine’s Dayand we close the Sunday full of music with the half-time of superbowl. Of course, for each of these moods we need a different rhythm, and that’s why we don’t stop! This week the collaborations sound strong again, like that of Becky G Y Carol Gwho arrive with a catchy rhythm and lyrics, very much in their style in MAM III. The romantic and melancholic side they put cold pay Y Selena Gomez with Let Somebody Gothat melodic ballad that at the same time hurts and helps broken hearts.

Wisin and Yandel continue with their rhythm and show us a curious love triangle with Do not forget. Y Ed Sheeran beside Taylor Swift take us on a journey through time with the remix of The Joker and the Queenwhose video shows us 10 years later the protagonists of his theme Everything Has Changed.

Becky G feat. KAROL G- MAM III

The powerful duet we’ve been waiting for so long. With an irresistible dance beat and catchy lyrics, the long-awaited collaboration is destined to become an empowering anthem that inspires an attitude of strength, independence, positivity and style, just like a “MAM III” (Mommy).

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift- The Joker and the Queen

It is clear to us that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are great friends, and the sample is the remix of this fourth collaboration. The song shines with whispering vocals, delicate piano notes and sweeping string arrangements, provided by Ed’s brother, matthew. The video reminds us of 2012 because it brings together the cast of Everything Has Changed, which was the first collaboration of both artists. A decade later we see Ava Y Jacknow 18, as they head off to college and embark on new adventures.

Wisin & Yandel – Do not forget

Bringing together the inimitable rap of Wisin, the legendary voice of Yandel, as well as the irresistibly danceable rhythms and new sounds, this duo once again reaffirms its leadership in Latin music. In the video, both find themselves in the middle of an exciting love triangle, with potentially fatal consequences, and in which Wisin & Yandel play the role of men from very different social classes fighting for the same captivating woman.

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New Music Friday: Becky G & Karol G, Coldplay & Selena Gomez & Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift