New dates or cancelled? It is not yet known what will happen to Justin Bieber’s concerts in Spain

In September Justin Bieber announced that he was canceling the concerts of his tour Justice World Tour of the next four months, including the two scheduled appointments in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as announced by the promoter Doctor Music.

On September 6, Bieber said that he would not continue with the tour because he has relapsed into his health problems related to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which paralyzes part of his face.

In principle, 28 concerts were affected by the new postponement, among them those of Madrid on January 23 and Barcelona on January 25. In addition, those of Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy are cancelled, according to the list that appears on the singer’s website.

This is a new postponement in a tour that should have started in 2020 and that was first postponed due to the pandemic, to start in February of this year in San Diego (USA). After going through ten countries, Bieber announced that he was taking a break to prioritize his health.

The problem comes when there is still no official communication from Justin Bieber or his team about what will happen with these affected concerts. In this sense, the promoter Doctor Music, in charge of the concerts in Spain, has just released the following statement to try to calm the spirits of Bieber fans and all the people who had bought tickets.

They announce that they continue to work with the artist’s representatives to confirm new dates for the concerts that Justin Bieber had planned to offer in Madrid and Barcelona on January 23 and 25, 2023. They recommend that all fans keep their tickets because they will be valid for the New dates to be announced.

But they do not close the door on the tour not continuing and the concerts are not finally rescheduled and end up being canceled altogether. In this case, all buyers will be informed via email to return the amount of the tickets.

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New dates or cancelled? It is not yet known what will happen to Justin Bieber’s concerts in Spain