New Argentine music: Taichu, Pyramides, Marina Fages with Melanie Williams and more

Last week he left several surprises to fill with emotions over the weekend. From the gripping singles of Pyramids, Knowing Russia and Doxxed, even the new records of Eve Calletti and Emma Rousset, the national scene took its sonic versatility for granted. Also, artists like Thunder and Taichu evidenced the rise of the new wave of trap in our country, while Marina Fages and Melanie Williams they pooled their energies in an explosive collaboration. The emotional tribute of The Underwater Robot a Rosario Bléfari complete our weekly release list.

Taichu- Free Dolly / Race

After “Tolkin Yit”, Taichu he continues his streak of explosive tracks with a double single produced by Molok0 and Luigi Navarro. On “Free Dolly” and “Race”, The member of the Rip Gang fuses elements of trap and hyperpop to demonstrate once again her sharp attitude and eloquence that sets her apart. The release was accompanied by a video of the first track directed by Juli Grass and Juanita.

The Underwater Robot – “Leave and Give Up”

After reversion “Chispa” and “Te qu1er0”, The Underwater Robot honored Rosario Bléfari interpreting with the warmth that characterizes the project one of the pieces included in one of the least visited albums of his solo work, Method (2001). “The idea of ​​making this version of one of my favorite Rosario songs responds in some way to a text that I wrote spontaneously in my networks a little over a year ago “, revealed Nicolás Kramer about this cover.

Eve Calletti – Audacity

After the advance single “Pisteando”, the singer-songwriter from Mendoza published her first album entitled Audacity (2021). This set of nine tracks shows the artistic maturity of Eve Calleti, and his ability to fuse trap, R&B, and electronic music. The album was produced by Leandro Lacerna and features the participation of Mora Navarro and La Valenti in “Adrenalina soul”, and of Clara Cava and Lima Beats on “Katana”.

Trueno – “Feel Me??”

On the eve of his triple presentation at the Gran Rex Theater, Mateo Palacios shared “Feel Me??”, The third preview of their long-awaited second album. The production and mixing were in charge of Tatool and Brian Taylor, while Lucas Vignale and El Dorado again took the reins of audiovisual work. In just four days, the video that shows us part of the tour of Thunder by Spain it exceeded two million views on YouTube.

Marina Fages and Melanie Williams – “The limit”

Marina Fages and Melanie Williams joined forces in “The limit”, A collaboration produced by both artists. It is an electrifying single with psychedelic overtones that came out accompanied by a video directed by Fages herself, in which the artists tour Buenos Aires on a winter afternoon.

Pyramids – “Ovbio”

Two months after publishing “Atlantis”, Pyramids presented the latest preview of the long-awaited successor to Voids and variables (2017). Released through the Casa del Puente label from Mar del Plata, “Ovbio” is a song that finds a glow in the dark. The single was produced by vocalist Facundo Romeo and Estanislao López, who was also in charge of recording and mixing.

Doxxed – “Adrenocromo”

Doxxed published his third track so far this year, after captivating us with “Abanico” and “I don’t even know“With OLIVIA”Adrenocromo”Was published through the Faust Collective label and shows the uniqueness of Lucio Zeoli’s project through a hypnotic and disconcerting proposal. “Put God aside and move into my heart, because I just want to see you” the artist sings about an explosive beat co-produced with Medix Cielx and Garoto from Defending.

Knowing Russia – “I was late”

Knowing Russia presented “I was late“, a new preview of the successor of Cabildo and Oath (2019) that will arrive in November. The song was produced and mixed by his faithful collaborator Nico Cotton and features Leo Sujatovich in the wind arrangements. The single was accompanied by a video directed by Bruno Adamovsky and produced by The House Next Door, in which we see Mateo Sujatovich sitting in front of the piano, looking for inspiration to write a melody while trying not to despair at the creative block.

More on “I was late” in this note.

Emma Rousset – The new wave

The musician from Entre Ríos premiered The new wave (2021), an EP with collaborations by Juan Irio, Nico Aimone and Raphael Bussières, and released by the Chancho Discos label. This set of six tracks includes the tracks “Campos de Marte” and “Le Départ” where Emma Rousset he immerses us in the luminosity of his solo project with songs that oscillate between pop, folk rock and danceable electronics.

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