June 10, 2021

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Neither Espacio Zity, regional houses waiting, but concerts: this is how the Pillars 2021 are outlined

Neither Espacio Zity regional houses waiting but concerts this is

There are four months until the day of the Pilar and despite the fact that the management holidays are prohibited until next August 31, Zaragoza She is ready to celebrate her big days, in a different way and adapting to the new health situation, yes, but to celebrate. This was revealed in the meeting he held last Wednesday the deputy mayor and councilor for Culture of the Aragonese capital, Sara Fernández, with citizen organizations, such as representatives of the hospitality industry, the supporters, regional houses, the social fabric or neighborhood entities. Next Tuesday, the session of the consistory will be with Public Health and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Aragon, which is the one that has to give the go-ahead to all the proposals that are already being prepared by all the sectors. But there are already decisions made.

There will be no Zity Space

There will be no macro concerts in the Zity space, an enclosure with capacity for 25,000 people. This is confirmed Míchel Pérez, promoter of the place, because it already has “the no” on the part of Public Services, which is on whom it depends, like the Valdespartera fair. Last year it could not be lifted and this one either, so the concession is extended “one more year” and after the two mandatory years there are two more, which will be the next and the next.

Pérez will not build the Espacio Zity but he does have several concerts already scheduled in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion for Pilar week, with a capacity of “3,000 people”, a third of the pavilion: they will perform Fangoria (October 9), Men G (tickets go on sale today), Bad Gyal (October 12 °), Old Morla (14), The neighborhood (15) and God save the queen (16). The promoter’s wish is that in October “the pandemic is better” and capacity can be expanded because if it gets worse “there will be neither this nor anything.” The protocol will be the one established by the pavilion itself: seated, with a selection of seats and distance. He considers that the situation is one of “uncertainty” but also recognizes that “we do it this way or we will do nothing” and, he who works with a lot of foresight, cannot wait to see what happens until September to organize everything.

Fairs with gel and mask

The fairgrounds still do not know if they will be able to mount their attractions, although they are clear that with the current conditions “it would not be profitable” but they are betting on there being fairs, explains Ángel Barata, president of the Provincial Association of Fairground Industry of Zaragoza. And it is that, after so long without working and without receiving aid, “the insurances are expired, the revisions and the road insurances too”. Know that If there are no parties, the money contributed is not the same either, but if there are no losses and few gains, “everyone is happy.”. His bet is to “fence the enclosure”, with controlled entry and exit, a mask and gel mandatory at the entrance and “advisable” at the exit; in addition to periodic disinfections.

No regional houses, for now

Staging the usual Culture and Gastronomy Fair each year of the Federation of Regional and Provincial Houses in Aragon is “impossible” with the capacity allowed at this time, so we will have to wait to see how the covid and vaccination evolve, recognizes Manuel Sánchez , representative of the federation at the meeting with the city council. “Inviable” insists, with a capacity of 50% in jaimas of around 40 meters and “without being able to consume in bars.” For the regional houses “improve and expand” the number of attendees is “essential”; That is why they will wait to see what conditions the city council and especially Health, but they cannot do it for long either (“until the beginning of August we could”) because the assembly and technical reports take their process. Still they are “excited.” What they do want to celebrate is the Fruit Offering, which they organize every year. In 2020 “the solidarity part” was recovered and there was a very important donation of food, “more than ever” and this year they also hope to make the delivery and the walk through the city center.

A river and game with changes

The PAI recently met with the city council and they suggested that they prepare a ‘project’ of the River and Game (Children’s space at the Expo) adapted to the covid and “we are in it”, they assure, at the same time that they are “convinced” that they will be able to organize it “by controlling capacity, eliminating small materials or without some playgrounds.” They believe that it is “important” that it is celebrated, since it would be “a gift for the children who have behaved so well”, at the same time as “a tribute and a conquest”. Therefore, they believe that it will be possible to celebrate, waiting for the consistory first and then Health, to give the final approval.

Spaces for the supporters clubs

From the group of peñistas they lived with great regret the suspension of the parties last year and they do not want the same to happen in 2021. From the Interpeñas Federation, its president, Eva Bajén, is “optimistic” after the meeting this Wednesday although she understands that it will be unfeasible “to hold a proclamation or mass events without capacity control.” Bajén hopes that some comparsa can take place and even that the brass bands will go out on the street “in a controlled way.” However, everything they cannot do in 2021 they will do in 2022.

Likewise, Bajén explains that there has been no loss of social mass in the peñas of his federation, because two years ago they had not had their own space “so they only had real peñistas and not pilaristas”. However, from the Union Peñista, its president, Jorge Gracia, points out that “in the best of cases” 20% of the federation’s supporters have dropped out. «The peñas are very touched. You really want to get back into business, “he says. The solution for the next Pillars it will happen, both point out, because the clubs take over some cultural activities in the neighborhoods, “with capacity and restricted entry.” “It is a way of decentralizing, which is what has always been requested,” both agree.

Vermouth with concerts

The hospitality sector was also present at last Wednesday’s meeting with the city council. A day later, the president of the Association of Cafes and Bars, Jose Maria Marteles, points out that their proposals will go in the sense that the bars with terraces can organize small concerts and performances during the day in the squares “to promote activity throughout Zaragoza.” At night, yes, Marteles hopes the nightlife can take advantage of a relaxation of the restrictions.