NCT 127 and the best of their Neo City concerts: Seoul – The Link

After a long wait, NCT 127 was able to return to the stage with their special concerts for Seoul, although NCTzen from all over the world could also witness them as one of them was broadcast virtually, if you missed them, we have the best of it. what happened.

Face-to-face concerts are beginning to pick up again and many K-Pop groups thrill their fans with the first dates of their world tours, NCT 127 It was one of the first groups to surprise with the news that they would soon have live performances.

From December 17 to 19, the first concerts of this sub-unit of NCT, with ‘NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK’ took the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul and where thousands of NCTzens to see your favorite K-Pop group.

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But not only was NCTzen from Korea able to enjoy NCT ​​127’s concerts, the last of their performances was also broadcast. online, so fans from all over the world were able to see their favorite idols live virtually.

What was the best of NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK? Here we have some of the moments that stood out the most in these concerts of NCT 127.

Top 5 NEO CITY Moments: NCT 127’s SEOUL – THE LINK

For Start With their concerts, NCT 127 first played a VCR and then took the stage, surprising NCTzen and filling the fans with adrenaline, that first moment was super exciting.

  • Intro de NCT 127 en Neo City: Seoul – The Link | Twitter: @cazzyomi

NCT 127’s latest hit, ‘Sticker’, it couldn’t be missing from the setlist, so NCTzen had a great live performance with this great song.

  • NCT 127 performing ‘Sticker’ at their concert | Twitter: @yutabrz

‘Kick It’ It’s a classic NCT 127, one of NCTzen’s favorite songs, and he couldn’t be left out of this concert of the boy band.

  • NCT 127 con ‘Kick It’ en Neo City: Seoul – The Link | Twitter: @neoteckss

Some of the members of NCT 127 had solo performances with which they shone and made an impact on NCTzen, here we have a couple of these solos.

  • Mark’s solo at NCT 127’s concert | Twitter: @LMKFEED
  • Taeyong’s solo at NCT 127’s concert | Twitter: @doyijinaren

The last song NCT 127 featured was ‘Promise You’, as idols soared on gadgets reminiscent of the concept of NCT’s full lineup album ‘Universe’, pitching their words of love to NCTzen for close the concert.

  • El final de Neo City: Seoul – The Link | Twitter: @Czennierabbitdo
  • EXTRA: Jeno, Jisung, Chenle and Renjun

NCTzen saw that other idols from NCT They went to support their comrades from Subunit 127 in their concerts, filling with tenderness the hearts of their fans who saw Jeno, Jisung, Chenle Y Renjun admiring his companions.

  • Other NCT Members Supporting NCT 127 | Twitter: @notbythemoonn

This is how NCT 127’s concerts were experienced both in person and virtually, it was a great event that will remain in NCTzen’s hearts forever.

You can also listen to the best songs of NCT 127, with which they conquered each fan with the talents of their idols.

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NCT 127 and the best of their Neo City concerts: Seoul – The Link